Ecstar range of oil and chemical now available at Maruti Suzuki Arena

Maruti Suzuki claims the products would help in improved fuel efficiency and lower emission levels while protecting the engine for a longer life span.

Ecstar range of oil and chemical now available at Maruti Suzuki Arena

New Delhi: After receiving a positive response from Nexa customers, Maruti Suzuki on Thursday launched Ecstar - its premium range of oils and lubricants at Arena workshops across the country.

Globally launched in 2015 and introduced in India through Nexa workshops last year, Maruti Suzuki has decided to offer Ecstar range of products at Arena workshops as well with the same promise of better car maintenace. The company claims that the products help in reducing friction, provide enhanced protection of engine, better engine cleanliness, improvement in road performance and better mileage. "Ecstar oil is a powerful lubricant that not only enhances the performance of vehicles but also offers outstanding engine protection, which results in long life of the engine and improved fuel efficiency," said Kenici Ayukawa, MD and CEO at Maruti Suzuki.

Ayukawa said that the brand and its product have been well-received in countries including the US, Mexico, Australia and markets across Europe and South-East Asia. Even in India, he said that Nexa customers have been providing positive feedback and that the Ecstar range is well-suited to 'demanding Indian conditions.'

First developed by Suzuki Corporation in Japan in 1984, the range of Ectstar products have increased exponentially and India too will get most - if not all - available products. A new engine oil - 0W16 - has also been launched which promises to reduce friction and lower emission levels while positively impacting fuel efficiency.

The company has said that the products would be available at all Arena workshops.