Maruti launches Suzuki Connect, promises advanced tracking and safety features

Currently for Nexa cars only, Suzuki Connect is a telematics solution installed in cars for a number of features including vehicle tracking, condition, driving statistics, emergency services and driving behaviourial pattern - all accessed by owner through Android and iOS app.

Maruti launches Suzuki Connect, promises advanced tracking and safety features

New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki on Tuesday launched Suzuki Connect, an all-new and advanced telematics solution for car status monitoring, tracking and studying customised driving behaviour.

The device, which is incorporated into the car's engine and is virtuality tamper-proof, is available at Rs 9,999 and currently, it is for Nexa customers only. 

The company says that the device will help Nexa car owners enjoy a more holistic drive, coupled with advanced safety features that can be accessed through a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Can't find your car in the mall? Car getting towed? Is your vehicle stolen? Get precise updates and timely alerts on mobile devices.

Some key highlights:

* Live vehicle tracking

* Geo Fence - Owners can select five boundary areas for the vehicle and will get an alert if the vehicle crosses these. This can be useful in chauffer-driven cars.

* Navigate car - Owners can pin-point car location.

* Tow-away alert - Owners will get an alert if their vehicle moves without the ignition being turned on.

* Location sharing - Owners can give access to family and friends to track their vehicle.

* Driver rating system - Driver is assessed on score of 100 on the manner in which he/she drives.

* Fuel efficiency report

* Malfunction and possible malfunction report

The device also monitors the car's health continuously and assesses driving pattern - suggesting measures to take for improved performance and fuel efficiency. Reminders for car servicing too can be received on the mobile devices. "A nation-wide survey was conducted on what Maruti drivers want from their car. Safety and performance figured high in their responses. Suzuki Connect was tested in 42 cities and for over 1 million kilometers and we are proud to say that it would empower our customers to manage host of services  like emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, driver behaviour analysis and car assistance - among others," said RS Kalsi, senior executive director (marketing and sales) at Maruti Suzuki.

Safety though, according to the company, is the biggest highlight of Suzuki Connect. Users can set specific contacts for alerts in case of accidents and can automatically receive a call from Maruti Suzuki customer care in case of breakdown or malfunction.  Maruti's customer care will automatically call to offer assistance in the form of towing or provide details of the nearest workshop.

Suzuki Connect is currently being offered as an optional accessory while existing Nexa car owners too can get the device fitted.