SpiceJet passenger shares video of plane filled with smoke, alleges oxygen masks didn't deploy: WATCH Video

The video of the SpiceJet plane cabin filled with smoke during the emergency landing at Hyderabad airport on October 12 has surfaced online in which the passengers on the plane can be seen sitting in smoke.

SpiceJet passenger shares video of plane filled with smoke, alleges oxygen masks didn't deploy: WATCH Video Image for representation

The video of SpiceJet's flight cabin filled with smoke has surfaced on the internet. The video allegedly shows the passengers sitting in a smoke-filled cabin of a Goa-Hyderabad flight that made an emergency landing in Hyderabad on October 14, 2022. The incident occurred with the airline's Q400 aircraft, and the passengers safely deboarded the flight using the plane's emergency exit. The aviation watchdog authority Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had ordered a probe into the incident. Earlier, there were allegations of airline staff not taking any action, which the new video seems to be confirming.

A passenger shared the video on Twitter going by the name Vivek Vishal with the caption saying."SpiceJet risks people’s life, we were choking for 25 mins, and even oxygen masks didn’t deploy. Strict action should be taken against such a negligent airline." The passenger also tagged the Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditay Scindia and DGCA in his tweet.

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The video shows the cabin of the SpiceJet flight filled with smoke while the alarms blare in the background can be heard. One of the crew members can be heard shouting at the top of her lungs though it is unclear what she is saying. Meanwhile, the passengers in the plane can be seen sitting with their heads down in the cabin filled with smoke. Along with the videos, the post also had two blurry pictures. 

Earlier, one of the passengers named Srikanth Mulupala, said on Twitter, "We were returning to Hyderabad from Goa.. suddenly there was smoke all around inside the plane starting from Nagpur to Hyderabad...It took 20 minutes from there, and all the passengers suffered and blacked out with fear. Luckily we landed alive and safely... But what if something happens, and who would be responsible, this happened clearly due to the negligence of the crew and respective department."