Not youth, we need 'polity-preneurs' in politics

The generic 'youth' are purposeless, aimless or clueless. What we need is entrepreneurs in politics.

Energy needs direction, to be of use. 

Indian youth are full of energy. And that is the problem as well. A wild, undirected or misdirected energy can be utterly destructive. 

While on other hand, the same energy, if nurtured and mentored well, is full of potential to bring tomorrow today.

When politicians shout out for more youth in politics, what are they inviting? Are they inviting more youngsters to shed blood on petty issues like a Hindi-Muslim confrontation? Or statues? Or North Indians vs South Indians? Or, Marathi vs Bihari? Or, mindlessly growing your crowd of followers?

Today, we need youth that ask questions of progress. Questions to establish a social equilibrium, questions to establish social harmony, questions to ensure social wellbeing for everyone from top to bottom, and questions to progress.

We need youth in politics that knows the difference between a right question and a wrong question.

For some reasons, the first few years of a new entrepreneur, the fraternity and the aura shapes his character very well. It is as if the first few years the industry unknowingly turns him into a Superman or a Super Commando Dhruv, who feels the responsibility to make this world a better place for everyone, is on his shoulders.

May be the fraternity effect works very well. The feeling that we are doing something and doing it differently from rest of the world gives an entrepreneur so much energy, so much courage, so much tough-mindedness, original ideas, and a will to solve every other problem which humanity is facing.

This is their out-of-the-world courage, and a horizontally-focused mind that they try to envision the problems of next century now, and seek to solve. See what Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are doing with their space programs. Or, what a Prince in the Gulf has done with their tourism development programs. And how Baba Ramdev has changed the entire India consumption story, and made people breathe more.

Entrepreneurs seek problems, while the rest of the world avoids.

The biggest difference between an entrepreneur and a raw politician today is that entrepreneurs don't seek popular projects. They focus on the needed ones.

And that is the mindset we need in polity.

Yes, you all socialpreneurs, I am talking to you. No, no… I am sure the Bansals won't be interested.

You qualify for this new idea, brilliantly. You have all it takes to become a polity-preneur. Yes, it is going to be tough, but is it easy for you now?

What are you doing for a small group of farmers, for poor children, for daily wagers, for Indians living in rural or remote areas? That is exactly the same you'll be required to do in mainstream politics.

The challenges are unimaginable, but you've already mastered improvisation.

You'll find self-interested people creating roadblocks for you at every step, but roadblocks are what you have learned to face, kill and move ahead.

Not all the problems can be solved quickly, but then you have learned to be patient and focus on just one problem at a time.

Yes, it is going to be a risky career choice, but what you are doing now? You are the one who can dance in risk.

What is it that you don't have to become a polity-preneur???

Remember you all potential polity-preneurs, you are not done with just paying your taxes.

Reach your potential.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL.)