How wi-fi will change the face of Ardh Kumbh

How wi-fi will change the face of Ardh Kumbh

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: It is good news for devotees planning to attend Ardh Kumbh in Haridwar. They will have the wi-fi internet faciltiy during Ardh Kumbh in Hardiwar taking place between January 14 to April 22.

The first 15 minutes of internet will be free of cost, and after that, depending on need, one can get an instant recharge.

In total, 9 routers fixed will help in making Har-Ki-Pauri a wi-fi zone. BSNL will be offering the facility. It is the first time that wi-fi will be offered during the Kumbh, so in case of any kind of misuse seen, the organisers will terminate the service immediately.

One device will result in covering up to 200 meters of area of the ghat. BSNL plans to extend the internet facility as a New Year gift to all the ghats in Haridwar.

Depending on the success of the programme, the service may also be extended to Mansa Devi and Chamunda Devi Temples.

So, how do you expect digitisation will have an impact on the Ardh Kumb ?

1) Devotees will be able to see the Ganga arti live from any corner of Har-Ki-Pauri

2) Internet will offer security and safety to devotees converging in very large numbers from far away places

3) The organisers are hoping that digitisation of the rituals during the Mela will result in spread of Vedic culture across the national boundaries