Afghan Mystery Girl Wazhma Ayoubi's Heartwarming Message To 'Bharat' Goes Viral Ahead Of Asia Cup 2023 Final

Wazhma Ayoubi has been one of the biggest supporters of Team India outside the country. She has once again posted something that has impressed the Indian cricket team fans ahead of the Asia Cup final.

Afghan Mystery Girl Wazhma Ayoubi's Heartwarming Message To 'Bharat' Goes Viral Ahead Of Asia Cup 2023 Final Wazhma Ayoubi. (Source: Twitter)

Afghanistan's Wazhma Ayoubi got famouse on the internet when she featured in an Asia Cup 2022 match, wearing a traditional dress and with the national flag in her hand, supporting her favourite team. Her passion for the sport and her message for the world being an Afghan fan did the magic and she became viral. The fact that she is very beautiful too worked wonders. Wazhma has been a model and is currently a social media influencer based in Dubai, UAE.

In Asia Cup 2023, after Afghanistan was ruled out of the tournament in just the first stage, she picked India as the team she is going to back. Ahead of the India vs Pakistan group stage match, she had revealed the 'Men In Blue' were her favourite team. After India beat Pakistan in the Super 4 match, Wazhma had made a post on X (formerly Twitter) that she was happy to see her 'second-best' team win the game.

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Wazhma earlier had been seen reposting stats of Virat Kohli and KL Rahul when they smashed unbeaten tons vs Pakistan. In that match, Kohli had gone past 13,000 runs in ODIs while also hitting another ton in the fifty-over format. 

At the same time, KL Rahul hit a magnificent hundred upon return to the ODIs. Rahul's hundred has solved the middle-order conundrum for India.

India qualified for the Asia Cup 2023 final with the win over Sri Lankans. They now await the winners of Pakistan vs Sri Lanka in the final which is to take place on September 17 at Colombo.  

Ahead of the final, Wazhma has made another post that has impressed the India fans. She called India with her other name 'Bharat'. Bharat resonates well with the Indians. In a post on X, Wazhma thanked the Indians for their warmth wile also praising some of the most beautiful places in the country. "I am eternally grateful for the love you have poured on me, and I promise to strive continually to be worthy of your admiration and support," Wazhma wrote on X.

Check out Wazhma Ayoubi's post below:

Wazhma said that she has travelled from Kerala to Varanasi in India and found each one of these places very special. "From the calm backwaters of Kerala, the historical monuments of Delhi, the cultural richness of West Bengal, the vibrant streets of Mumbai, to the tranquil temples of Varanasi, I have felt your warmth and support from every corner of this beautiful nation. The love and respect I have received from you all is humbling and overwhelming," said Wazhma.