Babar Azam Sexting Scandal: PCB reacts to FAKE allegations against captain, defends him, Read Here

Pakistan captain Babar Azam found his name in an alleged sexting scandal which has turned out to be fake and PCB has come out with some strong words to defend their skipper amid the episode

Babar Azam Sexting Scandal: PCB reacts to FAKE allegations against captain, defends him, Read Here Source: Twitter

Pakistan captain Babar Azam was caught in a fake sexting scandal after his voice notes went viral on the internet. A parody account had tweeted the voice notes. The Twitter user also said that those are Babar's voicenote to the girlfriend of a Pakistani cricketer, asking her to keep sexting with him to keep the place of his boyfriend intact in the side. Babar never replied to the accusations. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) however reacted strongly to the fake sexting scandal involving Babar. PCB did not like the fact that Fox Cricket, one of the partner broadcaster of the board, reported the sexting allegations without any proof. 

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PCB tweeted: "As our media partner, you might have considered ignoring such unsubstantiated personal allegations which Babar Azam has not deemed worthy of a response." 

Fox Cricket has not deleted their tweet. The parody account too has deleted the tweets which contained the fake Babar Azam voice notes and sexting scandal. Babar, throughout this whole episode, remained silent and did not react at all. He just posted a photo on Twitter from the team's Australia tour. In the replies, his fan posted tweets lending support to him. 

Babar is not having the best of time as captain of the side and these fake stories on the side will surely hurt him. He recently lost the Test series to England 3-0 at home followed by New Zealand drawing the two-match series, again at home and then the Black Caps beat the Babar Azam-led Pakistani side 2-1 in the ODI series. Not to forget, Pakistan had lose the T20I series to England at home 4-3. The pressure on Babar is massive and the new PCB regime may want to ease him off some captaincy pressure to ensure he gives all his focus to his batting.