Row over Mahendra Singh Dhoni sporting 'Balidaan Badge': Here's what ICC rules say

Let’s take a look at the norms for logos prescribed by the ICC, which former skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is said to have violated.

Row over Mahendra Singh Dhoni sporting 'Balidaan Badge': Here's what ICC rules say File Photo

There is uproar over International Cricket Council’s (ICC) reservation on former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni sporting ‘Balidaan Badge’ or regimental dagger insignia of the Indian Para Special Forces on his wicket-keeping gloves. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has, however, rallied behind Dhoni on the issue and already written to the international cricketing body to reconsider its decision.

Let’s take a look at the norms for logos prescribed by the ICC, which the former skipper is said to have violated.

With regard to logos, the ICC allows five kinds as per its Clothing and Equipment Rules and Regulations, which are:

1. Manufacturer's logo
2. National logo
3. Non-commercial logo
4. Player's bat logo
5. Personal messages

Among these, the Balidaan Badge falls under the category of Non-Commercial logo.

The definition of a non-commercial logo, as given by the ICC in its rulebook states: “An ICC Approved Personal Message, visible tattoo or other Logo, which is not a Manufacturer’s Logo, Commercial Logo, Player’s Bat Logo, Betting Logo, Event Logo, Charity Logo or National Logo.”

The norm says that the logo must be used only after prior approval from the ICC or by the ICC Development (International) Limited.

The norm for ‘ICC Approved’ states: “In relation to any Logo, means approved by ICC (or by ICC Development (International) Limited (“IDI”) as ICC may decide) in accordance with the procedure set out in Section K below, as qualifying as a Manufacturer’s Logo, a Commercial Logo, an Event Logo, a National Logo or a Player’s Bat Logo (as the case may be) and as not being a Betting Logo and as being otherwise in accordance with these Regulations.”

Section K mentioned above refers to the geometric shape of the logo: “Items will be measured according to their geometric shape. To calculate the surface area, items may be divided into several geometric forms. Non standard shapes will be measured as rectangles.”

The rule book also talks about prior approval from the concerned team’s official board and the ICC Cricket Operations Department.

Here are the general principles with regard to the rules concerning use of logo by any team or player:


1. In the case of the host team, the Commercial Logos may consist of the Event Logo and/or the Logos of up to three event, series or team sponsors. In the case of the visiting team the Commercial Logos may consist of the Logos of up to three team sponsors. For the avoidance of any doubt, no more than three sponsor names may be included in any Commercial Logo.

2. Subject to the limitations contained in these Regulations a visiting team may display any Commercial Logo on its clothing or equipment irrespective of whether such Logos may conflict with any sponsor or supplier of the host Member Board.

3. The host Member Board shall not require a visiting team to wear the Event Logo without the consent of the Board of the visiting team. There shall be no obligation to give such consent, but if it is given,the visiting team must forego the use by its team sponsors of one of the two Commercial Logos.

4. Any Commercial Logo on clothing shall be decided by each Member Board and shall be common to and worn by each member of the team concerned. No individual Commercial Logos shall be worn by any team member, save for the carrying of a Player’s Bat Logo on bats, as provided herein.

5. The National Logo, name of the country or national flag should not contain any advertising and must not interfere with any elements of the clothing identifying the player.

6. A visiting team shall abide by any law of the host country which restricts advertising of a product. No compensation shall be payable should a visiting team be precluded from displaying its Commercial Logos on Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment, and a visiting team shall not pursue any action against the host Member Board.

7. Only one Manufacturer may be identified on each article of cricket clothing.

8. When required to be carried by a Manufacturer, any statutory wording is to be placed on the back of a player’s bat and to be of discreet design only (subject to relevant statutory provisions).

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