Virat Kohli in TIME's 100 most influential list, has profile written by 'idol' Sachin Tendulkar

Having seen Virat Kohli from his U-19 days, Sachin Tendulkar has written that it is not just his on-field success but his determination to counter criticism that has made him a true champion.

Virat Kohli in TIME's 100 most influential list, has profile written by 'idol' Sachin Tendulkar
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Virat Kohli has always revered and idolised Sachin Tendulkar - often admitting that he was a great influence on him during his growing years. And now, Tendulkar too has heaped praise on the current India captain in a profile written for him for TIME's 100 most influential people 2018.

Kohli was named in the 2018 list of 100 most influential people by TIME magazine for his outstanding achievements. What was a shining cherry on  the proverbial cake was that Kohli's profile was written by Tendulkar who said that he knew from the very start that here was a champion who would scale new highs. "The U-19 World Cup in 2008 was very important for India, as it would define the next bunch of youngsters who would go on to represent the nation. That was the first time I watched this young, passionate player lead India," Tendulkar wrote. "Today Virat Kohli is a household name and a champion in cricket. Even back then, his hunger for runs and consistency was remarkable, something that has become the hallmark of his game."

Highlighting how the worth of a true champion lies in not just his success but how he handles failures, Tendulkar said Kohli's determination to counter critics has been remarkable. "My father always told me that if I focused on what I was doing, over time, detractors would become followers. Virat seems to have a similar outlook when it comes to his game," he wrote. "Every sportsman knows what it’s like to have good spells and bad ones too. Virat took the criticism he faced during a disappointing West Indies series and returned home with a goal: to improve not only his technique, but also his fitness level. He’s never looked back."

Tendulkar signed off by wishing Kohli even more success and hoped he would continue to bring laurels for India.