Merry Christmas 2022: Significance and different traditions of Xmas

Christmas is a joyful season marked by celebrations meant to honour the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated on December 25. Keep reading to learn about the history of the celebration, its traditions, and how it is celebrated.


Merry Christmas 2022: Significance and different traditions of Xmas

Christmas 2022: Oh the joyful days are here and Christmas is a merry season marked by celebrations honouring the birth of Jesus Christ. It has a religious significance and is celebrated on December 25 worldwide. Christmas is observed by Christians according to religious rituals and traditions.

Attending church, decorating the halls, putting up Christmas trees, visiting friends and family, exchanging gifts, and, of course, awaiting Santa Claus are all common Christmas traditions in India and around the world. By adorning their homes with lights and Christmas symbols like bells, wreaths, stars, candy canes, and candles, many begin creating Christmas decorations well in advance as we all have done.

Christmas 2022: Significance

The world was full of hatred, greed, ignorance, and hypocrisy when Jesus Christ was born. People's lives were changed as a result of his birth. He taught to humans the value of spirituality, integrity, and dedication as well as the means by which they could improve their lives. The Christmas holiday demonstrates to us that a life filled with knowledge and light can vanquish the evil that has crept into every part of the globe.

Jesus Christ encouraged individuals to seek spiritual awakening if they wanted to experience it. He taught them that happiness comes from within, not from the things we seek outside and that they should live a modest and simple life and give up the craving for earthly pleasures.

Christmas 2022: Traditions

People frequently sing carols while going door to door in small groups during the Christmas season. This raises the spirit of the season. Decorations provide a vital part of the pleasure of Christmas. People enjoy decorating their homes and even workplaces with stockings, wreaths, candy canes, holly, and mistletoe. 

And, of course, a Christmas tree whether large or little, whether real or faux with beautiful ornaments, is a must. On the eve of Christmas, Christians attend midnight mass at their local churches while wearing their finest attire.


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The tradition of Santa Claus goes back hundreds of years to a monk named St Nicholas. He is thought to have been born sometime in the 280s AD in Patara, a city in modern-day Turkey close to Myra. He was revered for his piety and benevolence, which led to him becoming the subject of stories.

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, is said to reside at the North Pole. His pot belly is complimented with a flowing white beard, and he regularly exclaims cheerfully, "Ho ho ho!" He visits the homes of those who have been kind all year and leaves them gifts on the eve of Christmas. Before going to bed, young children are urged to lay out empty stockings for presents. Even adults give Christmas cards and present on this special day.


With its abundance of gingerbread, biscuits, plum cakes, marzipan, rum balls, and candies, Christmas ranks highly on the dessert scale.  During Christmas, roasted chicken curries, vindaloo, sorpotel, mutton stew, mince pies, and duck roast are some of the meals that are frequently prepared in India. Many people also enjoy serving homemade wines with the festive meal.


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If it's a festival, there will undoubtedly be some delicious foods and on Christmas Day, people of all ages exchange cards and gifts.

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