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Republic Day: Things parents must teach their children

The 26th day of January is a historic day for India because our Constitution came into force in 1950 on this day.

Republic Day: Things parents must teach their children
Pic courtesy: IANS Photos.

Mumbai: The 26th day of January is marked as a historic one for India because our Constitution came into force in 1950 on this day. India attained freedom from the British rule on August 15, 1947 and these two days are of great significance to us. 

Many sacrificed their lives so that we could take birth in an independent country. And hence we must be responsible enough as citizens and contribute our bit towards nation building. Children are the future of any country! And in India, they hold the key in making our nation a superpower. Hence, it is imperative for parents to raise children with good moral values.

Here’s taking a look at things parents must remember:

No gender discrimination:

Parents must not discriminate between their male and female children. Girl child are in no way inferior. And hence they do deserve the best. A nation can progress only when its daughters are treated with respect.

Not to waste food, water:

Parents must not waste food and water. Children will do what the parents do. Hence, parents must refrain from wasting these essential things meant for survival. They must teach children the importance of food/water and discourage them from wasting any of the either. They must be made to understand that they are lucky enough to get food/water, while there are millions who die of starvation and thirst.

To respect the country and inspire children to take part in nation building:

The seeds of patriotism must be sowed in children’s minds early in their lives. This will make them grow into responsible citizens. A sense of responsibility will develop and they will value things that their country has given them. They must be taught not to destroy or deface public property.

Save and protect the environment:

Children must know why it is important to save the environment. This also includes being compassionate towards other forms of life on earth.

To respect scriptures, tradition, varied faiths:

We are citizens of a country where varied faiths and cultures co-exist. It is important that children lead lives by following the universal philosophy of brotherhood and at the same time respect their respective scriptures and tradition.

Not to pressurize children; instead, let them pursue their passion:

Being a parent doesn’t mean we have the authority to impose our dreams or our plans on our children. You may want your child to become a doctor, but the child may be a naturally gifted musician. Children deliver their best when they do things that they love doing. Remember – MS Subbalakshmi, Lata Mangeshkar and AR Rahman have won laurels for our country.

Not to show them films which portray violence or inappropriate content online:

Parental guidance is very important when it comes to letting children watch films or using the internet. A child must be given the much-required freedom but that certainly doesn’t mean giving him/her a free hand in watching what he wants to. Parental guidance will help in bringing up the child well.

Here's wishing one and all a very Happy Republic Day.