Scorpio horoscope and predictions for 2019: Here's what the new year has in store for you

2019 predictions for Scorpio: A year of Transformation to unleash and find your true hidden potential

Scorpio horoscope and predictions for 2019: Here's what the new year has in store for you
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Scorpio: The 2019 horoscope for Scorpio predicts that the first half of the year will be towards understanding your true strength and knowing yourself. Be careful with extravagant expenditures as it may put you in severe financial strain. Try not to take legal matters in your had and fight it out. It is better to avoid any investments, partnership that involves risky legal matters. The second half will see the witness to strong growth or sudden explosion on gains.

You should focus on your family front during the first half of the year. You need to give attention to your family wealth and ensure it does not squander away. You will be spending a lot of your time and resources to build burnt bridges and in many ways, you will find the true meaning of love and relationship by the end of the year.

Foreign travel is on cards for those seeking higher learning or better career growth. You will make more money overseas this year than at your home front. In many cases, you may even move overseas and position outside your home place.

Workwise you will face some minor hurdles, but you will be on top of most of the work and may even see a sudden grown in your career during the second half of the career. The effects of Saturn will still be in the last phase and will give you its final impact and depending on your other planetary placements the results will vary.

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