Top 5 pocket-friendly hangout zones for students in Delhi!

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 Top 5 pocket-friendly hangout zones for students in Delhi!
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Brimming with students from across the cities, Delhi has no shortage of hangout destinations to fit in their budget. With so much to consider such as costs, distance and food preferences, it can actually be an arduous task to pick the right places. Been there and done that! Based on our own experience and knowledge, we are here to help you with choosing the right place to do justice to your moments. Giving you the 5 best hangout places in Delhi for students to enjoy their chill time.

Cha Bar

For tea lovers, this is a place with the most comprehensive collection of teas from India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan to name a few. Not surprisingly, there are a number of single estate teas as well as rare specimens like white tea, ayurvedic tea. Also, cultural preparations make this delightful hub in the heart of Connaught Place (CP) an unmissable treat. The snacks served to make an excellent combo with your cup of tea, including chaat and patties. In the same premises is Oxford bookstore where you can linger over the books and enjoy a cup that makes you cheerful.



Rico's literally translates to delicious in Spanish and this place definitely serves some toothsome food at prices that won’t hurt your pockets. Pocket-friendly combined with cool interiors are two mundane things that are popular with local students. If you’re hanging out in a group, it would be wise to order a pitcher of their one and only -- the best 'Iced tea'. But, if going alone sit back with a book from the shelf and order coffee or one of their yummy kinds of pasta that are excellently prepared to make it a gourmet that will flood your mouth with craving.



With a few branches in Delhi, QD’s is one of the most popular restaurants among students.

This place serves both North Indian and Chinese cuisines, and they’ve tailored their menu especially to cater to the cravings of students. Their most popular dish is the Tandoori Momos – so make sure to try them out at least once!


The Big Yellow Door

Hudson lane is one of the most famous places among students. It has a lovely cafe wrapped in a little corner called 'The Big Yellow Door'. Since this place is a big hit among students owing to its delicious and mouthwatering food, expect to wait for a while during its peak hours on the weekends.


Cafeteria and Co

A sister cafe to QD’s and Rico’s, 'Cafeteria and Co' is another student favourite in North Campus, Delhi. The place looks like a bit pricier version of a local college canteen with its sleek contemporary interiors that is a blend of modern and classy. But, canteen food won't stand anywhere near the food of Cafeteria and Co. This place should be on your list of 'must visit' hangout zone with friends.