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Transit of Jupiter today: Check out the impact of 'Guru on the move'

This October, Jupiter will be transit from Libra to Scorpio.   

Transit of Jupiter today: Check out the impact of 'Guru on the move'
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Thank God Jupiter entering house of Scorpio, the Lord House of Mars, a friendly sign. Does it mean it will make you wealthy or does it make you wiser?
Our etihaas, puranas and sastras have always mentioned that the real wealth and happiness is knowledge, spiritual awakening and salvation and Jupiter signifies, assist or whatever towards that path. The general notion is Jupiter being benefit planet will give abundance wealth and luck and prosperity. Brihaspati, the guru of devas is indeed generous but will always give measured wealth. Luck and prosperity but only for people doing good deeds. Jupiter signifies more wisdom and spirituality. 

The material wealth, fame, power and fortune are left to Saturn and Venus. Venus always gives in abundance as it is Lord Guru of Asuras and Saturn gives abundance wealth based on the person deeds. In today's Kaliyug, Rahu plays a major role towards material wealth, fame and power and Saturn will be at best when Rahu is in play. Saturn can then create that maximum impact for the people in illusion and give the life a proper teaching. 

Dr. Sundeep Kochar

Dashas and antra dashas give results based on the overall placement of planetary positions. The transits activate the occurrence of events and hence the transits play a major role in one’s life. In general, one should give importance to three main transits, Saturn (2/12 years in one house), Rahu (18 months in one house) and Jupiter (12 months in one house). Thus, a man in Rahu Dasha will see 18 Jupiter transits and based on the type of house entering and planetary position, the results occurrence will happen in those years.  The other planets Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus are shorter in duration and will assist in events occurrence in that specific duration. The Creator, The Great Almighty has designed planetary systems that only He can create it. His design helps in understanding His will and mastery on lives of we simple mortals. 

This October, Jupiter will be transit from Libra to Scorpio. Jupiter was in un friendly sign of Libra but was still able to very good results to some of the zodiacs as it entered the house lord of Venus and the house where Saturn is Exalted. Saturn currently is residing in the house of Sagittarius. Hence the combination created unique opportunities and must have brought positivity in the lives to many people. 

This transit is very interesting again. Jupiter is entering the house of Scorpio which is the house Lord of Mars, the house of occult, house of transformation, house of sudden events. This is house where Mars is very happy to be placed and this is house where the desires are activated. It is also one of the houses where Saturn is least happy. Mars and Saturn are not best of friends. Interesting Jupiter and Mars are best of friends and Mars stand for desire and aggressively pursue his desire, Jupiter the Deva Guru will support his friends desire by giving right wisdom. Saturn which does not like any short cuts will ensure it try to control Mars and Mars keep chasing the dream.

Saturn staying in the house of Jupiter for next one year represents Jupiter will dominate the impact and events. Rahu the other planet will move in 6 months to the house of Mercury and will be at his best in that house. However, Jupiter and only Jupiter which can control the malefic intent of Rahu being in house of Scorpio and the following year entering the house of Sagittarius will control Rahu malefic ambition which will then give Saturn less reason to trouble a person for his actions. 

Hence this through this transit God is again giving advice to transform and focus on right desires and right path to achieve greater good. There are many who will suggest for many remedies, but God has already designed systems in such a way that we can just realise that every step if we seek his guidance events will happen and our deeds will give us results. Yet, many falls for the traps of remedies. I again say that remedies will always just give one more form of discipline to keep focusing on God. God is eternal and only He has the power to change the destiny, but He is so great that people who strive and work hard will be rewarded.
It is good to understand His greatness through the stars and for people of various zodiacs. While this write up will more generic in nature, for specifics, it is good to contact a good astrologer or visit to understand what stores for each person for the next one year.
Jupiter transit of entering house of Scorpio will in general focus on transformation, focus on occult sciences and many sudden events occurrences. The results will give different results to different Zodiac and specifically for individually based on the planetary positions. Going for each zodiac based on moon sign


Jupiter is entering the friendly sign of Mars and Scorpio is House Lord of Mars. This year people will see some change in their goals or some career defining events. The chances of having some sudden gains is higher than risk of losing. However, take note Mars with its desire and obsession to achieve will try to seek risky and sometimes scrupulous path and it will give undesirable results as Saturn is situated in the house of Jupiter that is Sagittarius. People see good results in Career, Business, Wealth, fame and fortune. Overall a good year for People with Aries. However, take care of health and be careful with your food habits. 

People born in this sign will see some events related to romance. It is time for both arranged or love marriages. This year is lucky for people doing business and good results are seen. Even career wise people will see lot of growth. People with children can see increase in family size or have high chance of having new editions in the family. This year you should take full advantage to maximise the good effects of Jupiter.

People born under this sign should avoid conflicts be in work or in personal life and should tend to be more patient. Success is seen in career but people in business should be careful before investing in risky investments. The second half will be interesting as Rahu will move the house of Gemini and things may be good for business. There are chances for foreign travel also. However, it is good to consult and seek advise of astrologer or contact

This year is fully of luck for people under sign of cancer. People with children will be very happy as Jupiter will give full impact and benefit to their children. While romance is in air, people are lucky this year and good time to speculate in some speculative business or activities. Spirituality, travel and focus on elders and fortune is all in cards provided all other charts are in favourable position.

The year will be interesting. On home front you will have some exciting events that can be unpredictable. On your work front, you will find some good success but on the business side you need to be careful. There are chances that you may go on long tour for work related or matters relating to spiritual experience. Family and spiritual experience will be main thrust or exposure for this year

People born in this sign again are lucky and may find some romantic partner. This is also a year to succeed in all desires. It will be good for siblings and who knows your siblings can also get married or have children. A year to take some courageous decision to progress. At the same time, it is good time to focus on key actionable items.

Jupiter has been in this sign for over one year. Librans must have felt the impact of Jupiter in every way. The year will give results in matters related to family. It is also time to get some family fortune or inheritance. This is time for people in the field of music to see their advancement or get some nice opportunities. However, try not to speculate in business or even at work front try to be careful and avoid confrontations. 

Jupiter is transiting on the same house. Jupiter that transits on the same house usually will be good and in this case being in the friendly sign will bring lot of luck and success to the person. This year is good for people with children or people who are married or in relationship to have children. This is also the year to forge new partnership or new ventures. It is also time for getting married. On spiritual front, you will see lot of transformation. Your parents will be your support. Overall make the best use of the time. This is time to get in discussion with some specific astrologer or contact to get more details on individual luck and possibilities.

Jupiter is transiting 12th house from itself and in general it should be considered unfavourable time? However, Sagittarius is the house lord of Jupiter and Jupiter in general will always give benefic results. All these will ensure people born in this sign will still do well. Just that they need to be careful and seek proper advice before venturing in new areas.

Marriage is on cards, Children is on cards and it is good time for siblings and it is time for celebration. However, this is also time to introspect and make sure future is strengthening. This is time when luck will be smiling, and it is good time to take up some risky venture and work through to see through to next stage.

There will be growth in career but with lot of struggles and challenges to overcome. You need to avoid conflicts and at the same time be diplomatic. It is time to also stay away from home politics and focus on positive aspects of home. This is time to buy new vehicle or invest in real estates. Overall a good and decent year for Aquarius.

Jupiter transit will give very good results in this year for people born in Pisces. This is year where you will have lot of luck for yourself and for your family. This is time for your children to get more luck from you and they will be in best of health because of your good fortune. You should also give your luck to your siblings. Overall a good year for people born in the sign of Pisces.