Delhi government accuses BJP workers of attacking CM Arvind Kejriwal's convoy

Kejriwal's convoy was attacked by a mob armed with sticks. 

Delhi government accuses BJP workers of attacking CM Arvind Kejriwal's convoy

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers of attacking state Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's convoy on Friday.

"It is extremely shocking that the Chief Minister’s vehicle was moving along the route cleared by the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the area, when the BJP workers armed with sticks attacked the vehicle in police presence. The police, in its presence allowed the BJP workers to surround the Chief Minister’s vehicle, block it and bang the window panes of the vehicle in full public view with sticks," said a release from the Delhi government.

Kejriwal's convoy was attacked on Friday afternoon by a mob armed with sticks. But there were no reports of injuries or casualties yet. The incident took place in North Delhi's Narela where he had gone to inaugurate development works in 25 unauthorised colonies. A group of about 100 men tried to stop Kejriwal's car and attacked it with sticks. The attackers also reportedly attempted to break the window of CM's car. 

This is fifth such attack on the Chief Minister in last three years.

The statement alleged that instead of making an effort to prevent the “goons from reaching the Chief Minister”, Delhi Police personnel present at the spot seemed more interested “in escorting them” till the CM’s vehicle.

“Delhi government makes it clear that the Delhi Police under political pressure from the Central government has time and again, allowed deliberate lapses to occur in Chief Minister’s security.

“The Delhi Police, behaving as a political wing of the Centre’s ruling party, is giving an impression that it does not care about the safety and security of the head of the elected government of Delhi,” it added.

Delhi government further alleged that the authorities are yet to file a charge-sheet in any of the five attacks on Kejriwal.