Ola CEO asks buyers what accessories they want with S1 electric scooter? Reaction will make you LAUGH

Ola Electric's CEO - Bhavish Aggarwal, asked owners about the electric scooters' accessories, and the internet reacted in a very interesting way.

Ola CEO asks buyers what accessories they want with S1 electric scooter? Reaction will make you LAUGH

Ola is a known name in the Indian automotive market, thanks to the company’s cab aggregating business and the brand’s S1 electric scooter that is sold by its electric mobility division - Ola Electric. The latter has been warmly received by the Indian audience, and it is still enjoying the attention of Indian buyers. However, the Ola S1 electric scooter continues to find some space for itself in the headlines for both wonderful and wrong reasons. This time around, when Ola Electric’s CEO - Bhavish Aggarwal, took it to Twitter to ask the buyers about what accessories they are looking to buy for their Ola S1 electric scooters.

Replying to Bhavish’s tweet, a user replied, “Fire Extinguisher.” While the answer is funny for sure, it is related to battery-related fires that have been reported in the recent past. Also, several incidents of multiple issues cropping up in Ola S1 electric scooters have been reported recently. To ensure high customer satisfaction, Ola Electric has been addressing the issues raised by owners, and the company also released a new software update for the Move OS.

Talking of the Ola S1 electric scooter, it is currently on sale in two different trim options - S1 and S1 Pro. The Ola S1 is powered by a 3 kWh battery pack, and it boasts an ARAI-certified range of 141 km on a full charger, Furthermore, the scooter comes with three riding modes, namely Eco, Sports, and Normal.

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Meanwhile, Ola Electric recently launched a new colour scheme for the range-topping S1 Pro variant of its electric scooter. The new Khakhi colour was introduced as a limited edition model on Independence day, with production limited to just 1947 units. Besides, the company rolled off the limited-production Gerua paint scheme on Holi this year. In the Indian market, the Ola S1 starts at a price tag of Rs 1 lakh for the base-spec version.

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