Rimac Nevera electric supercar attains 412 kmph top speed, sets new world record: WATCH

With a new top speed record of 412 kmph, the 1,914 hp Rimac Nevera is the fastest electric production in the world.

Rimac Nevera electric supercar attains 412 kmph top speed, sets new world record: WATCH

The performance of electric supercars is a celebratory affair. After all, these new-age clean-fuel-powered fast-pace machines are boastful about their chunky power figures to make strong go weak and torque outputs so high that they can move the earth. Well, the Rimac Nevera with a whopping 1,914 horsepower on tap has managed to create a new world record of accelerating to a speed of 412 kmph. The exercise took place on Papenburg automotive testing track in North Germany near the Holland border, and it resultantly made Rimac Nevera the fastest production electric car in the world. The track’s 4.02 km long straight helped the electric supercar attain the speed to break the world record.

The record-breaking event was attempted in the Rimac Nevera’s top-speed mode. This mode offers a balance of maximum downforce to keep the car grounded and minimum aerodynamic drag. It should be noted that the Nevera attempted this exercise with street-legal tyres from Michelin.

"The most important thing I have learned during the top-speed attempt is how composed and stable the car was — confirming that our aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics team have done an amazing job," Zrnčević said in a statement.

As revealed by the company, the Rimac Nevera will have its top speed limited to 352 kmph. However, at special events organised by Rimac itself, owners will be able to access the car’s full potential. Talking of quarter-mile run, the electric supercar made headlines for its 8.583-second timing.

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The Remac Nevera gets a 120 kWh battery pack that lets the motor juice out a peak torque of 2,360 Nm, which helps it in doing the 0-100 kmph sprint in just 1.97 seconds. Moreover, the Nevera only takes 9.3 seconds to show the 300 kmph mark on the speedometer.

To keep the weight in check, the Revera uses a Carbon fibre monocoque architecture with an integrated structural battery pack and bonded carbon fibre roof. Moreover, braking duties are performed by 390 mm brake rotors on both ends, which use a 6-piston calliper with ducted cooling.

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