Top 5 signs that your boyfriend is too controlling!

Here are top signs of a dominating boyfriend!

Top 5 signs that your boyfriend is too controlling!
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New Delhi: Hey girl, did you just dump your most favourite jeans because your boyfriend thought they were not nice? Have you been cutting your hair the way your boyfriend has been asking you to? Well, looks like you are in a controlling relationship and your boyfriend is the one who is trying take the charge.

Every relationship has either a more dominant girlfriend or boyfriend. It is said that a relationship needs to be balanced and at least one of the partners should be more understanding.

However what do you do when you are not sure if your boyfriend is the enterprising one or a controlling one? If you are still confused, here are top signs to identify if you have a controlling boyfriend.

Distances you from your folks

He will act like your world revolves around him and make you stay aloof from your family, friends and other important people.

Criticizes you at every step

No matter what you do, he will never be pleased with you. Even if it is decision you have taken for your own life – he will never stand by you and criticize your decisions at the drop of a hat.

Constantly checks up on you

He will make those incessant calls and texts asking your whereabouts and if you miss to pay him a heed, he will blast at you. He would say he is concerned for you, but in his heart he is insecure that you are going away from him.

Makes decision for you

Whether it's your wardrobe, your career choices or anything else. He will be the supreme force above your head. He will dicatate each choice upon you like it was his own life.

Demands to know every single detail

He wants every minute detail of your life. You cannot dare to skip a piece of information on him. Even if you are going on a all-girls night-out, be prepared to have all his questions answered the next day!