I`m very much unlike the Bebo of `Kambakkht Ishq`: Kareena

New Delhi, July 03: Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor says she is not someone with the "hate-men" attitude as her role in "Kambakkht Ishq" portrays and the only common link between the reel and real characters is the name Bebo.

"I play a feminist, who hates men. The reason is also given in the film. Thank God it is not shown in a serious way!" she told reporters here as "Kambakkht Ishq" released on Friday.

Although Kareena`s onscreen character of a supermodel is named Simrita Rai, she is also referred to as Bebo in the film and also has a dance number of the same title.

"Incidentally, I am called Bebo in the film too," Kareena says.

Accordiong to her, the only connection between the real and on-screen characters are their nicknames and their Diva-like attitude. "I am not really like her and I definitely do not hate men. I am also not as egoistic."

The film, which boasts of a international star cast with Hollywood biggies Sylvester Stallone, Bondgirl Richards and Brandon Routh, is about the battle of sexes.

"I am a feminist in the film as Akshay plays a chauvinist, that is the tension between the two characters. She does not give importance to relationships, as she thinks men are not worth her time" says Kareena, who was here to promote the film with co-star Akshay Kumar.

The first Bollywood film to have a horde of international actors including Stallone, Denise Richards and Routh, "Kambakkht Ishq" is also Kareena-Akshay`s seventh film
as co-stars.

"The real star in the film is Akshay. He is one of my best co-stars. I hope `Kambakkht Ishq` will be lucky for both of us," Kareena says.

On working with Stallone, she says, "I have been watching `Rocky` and `Rambo` since I was a child and I couldn`t believe my eyes when he came in front of me for the first time."

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