Manisha Koirala suggests divorce on her Facebook post

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Just five months after her marriage to Nepal based business tycoon, Samrat Dahal, Manisha Koirala is contemplating divorce. The actress, who got married amid much pomp and show, posted some disturbing thoughts on her Facebook wall.

The message suggested that Manisha was giving divorce a serious thought. However after her pals and well-wishers posted their advice on her post, Manisha deleted the message saying that she wrote it during a "moment" and that it was "silly".

On Friday, Manisha posted on her Facebook that she planning to get a divorce and hoped that the decision wouldn`t hurt her parents. Within a few hours of her status on FB, her friends offered advice saying, "Things are always bad in the first few months." And "whatever you decide, we are with you”.

The news did come as a shocker to couple’s friends, who saw them much too happy after marriage. However, her pals rubbished the rumours. "She is very happy with Samrat (Dahal). Like most normal couples, they must have had a fight and she must have put up the post. She`s very emotional and whenever she`s upset, she reveals her feelings. It`s nothing serious and by now, I am sure Manya must be regretting putting up the post which is why she deleted it," says a friend Koirala.

Talking about her state of mind when she wrote the message, Manisha said, “I was angry when I wrote that post. Sometimes I just react and write silly things. I deleted the post because I realised that it would be taken seriously."