I`d gift my perfume to Deepika, Ranbir: Arjun Rampal

Mumbai: Arjun Rampal has begun 2012 with a new fragrance. After opening a nightclub in Delhi and with an impressive career graph, the national award winning actor has now launched Alive and wants to gift it to Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

"I think I just feel certain things are extension of you. This is a very natural progression of good quality which I can give to all around the world the sense of fragrance. And being an actor it helps me to get that opportunity. We worked hard on it for two years," Arjun told reporters.

The model-turned-actor-turned-producer said he would like to gift the perfume to two stars so that they can smell alike. "Among female actresses, I would gift this perfume to Deepika and among males I might give it to Ranbir Kapoor so that they both smell a bit alike," he added.

Arjun has been an integral part in the development of his nouveau brand from the initial stage.

"It`s not an easy business. I am involved in only the creative side. At the end of the day I can make a movie, I can make a good dish, but people should like it because they are the judge. If they like it, great and if they dislike it then I will go back and smell some coffee and bring some better cologne," said the 39-year-old.

Arjun, a doting father, astute businessman and loving husband who has been extremely busy with his projects these days, doesn`t mind hectic lifestyle.

"When you get the opportunity, then you must work. There were times when I was sitting at home with no work. You must run against time and manage it. Most importantly, I have to thank my team of Alive that has managed with no wastage of time," he said.