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`Blue Peter` star Helen Skelton blasts former boss

Los Angeles: TV series ‘Blue Peter’ star Helen Skelton reportedly called her ex-boss a bully in a fiery radio interview Friday.

The 29-year-old TV presenter said Alex Leger, 65, pushed the show`s hosts to the limit with his daredevil demands.

But Leger, who was on ‘Radio 4-Woman`s Hour’, a BBC programme with Skelton, laughed off her remarks and insisted he was just being a persistent boss.

"Leger, you push people till they break and you know it," quoted Skelton as saying.

"Leger - it`s funny we call him a bully, in the best possible way - but he and I did a film which involved me taking on a beard of bees. My face was stung and swollen. And afterwards, do you remember, Leger, you came over and you said, `The office wonder if we should do it again as they only went over your chest and neck and didn`t quite cover your face`", added Skleton.

Leger, who produced the BBC`s flagship kids` programme for 36 years said "I think I was joking."

But Skelton said: "I don`t think you were."

The show`s present host, Jenni Murray, also told Leger: "From what Skelton was saying, you were a bit of a bully and you did make them do horrible things."

"The tone of the interview was very light-hearted," said a BBC spokesman.