Sunil Grover in new avatar as Sabjee

Mumbai: Tired of comedy shows encashing in on cross-dressing antics?

Sunil Grover has decided to go easy on the gender benders, and on his show `Mad In India`, he will now play two roles - the popular female avatar Chutki and a brand new avatar as a boy named Sabjee.

"The idea is to expand the bandwidth of the humour from gender differences to a more broad-based appeal. It is hoped that Grover`s kid-avatar Sabjee would become as popular as Grover`s female avatars," said a source.

`Mad In India` is on a damage control spree. The show makers have roped in cricketer Harbhajan Singh for a tete-a-tete with Grover, who will appear before the cricketer as a child eager to learn the ropes of the game.

"The producers wanted Grover to come on the show as Chutki to interview Harbhajan Singh. But Grover doesn`t want to make the cross-dressing the show`s talking point. Hence, the child," said the source.