'Thakan' inspired by critically acclaimed Bengali film 'Meghe Dhaka Tara'

'Thakan' inspired by critically acclaimed Bengali film 'Meghe Dhaka Tara'
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Stories see no boundaries; they become transcendental when they are shared across borders and countries. This stands true when we talk about Zindagi’s latest show from across the border ‘Thakan’. Not many people know that Thakan, which was extremely lauded during its run in Pakistan, is actually inspired from a 1960 Bengali movie ‘Meghe Dhaka Taara’ written and directed by acclaimed film maker Ritwik Ghatak.

Thakan is a heart wrenching tale of a young woman named Sadaf, who spends all of her life sacrificing her hopes and dreams for the sake of her family, yet ploughs through all the hardships thrown at her and amazingly never gives up. Similarly, based in Calcutta, Meghe Dhaka Taara traces the story of a young girl Neeta, a self-sacrificing person who is constantly exploited by everyone around her, even her own family, who takes her goodness for granted. Like Neeta, Sadaf is also a self-sacrificing girl who is betrayed by everyone including her own mother. Both the film and the show showcase the journey of the loss of love, even if that is the love of one’s own family

Saba Qamar who was last seen in Maat is playing the character of Sadaf in the show, a character very similar to Meghe Dhaka Taara’s Neeta, which was played by yesteryear’s popular Bengali actress Supriya Chaudhary. 

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