'Alone' review: Queen of horror Bipasha Basu in an unimpressive venture

'Alone' review: Queen of horror Bipasha Basu in an unimpressive venture

Human mind is a slave to its impulses. The genre of erotic horror glorifies the extreme of some of the more ghastly impulses. The audience of such films swing between the thrills of fear and flesh. Even though the genre has picked up in Bollywood, but the horror part of it stays largely absent from the films.

Bhushan Patel, the maker of 'Ragini MMS2' and '1920: The Evil Returns' comes back with 'Alone' starring the queen of horror - Bipasha Basu. The movie has been 'inspired' from the 2007 Thai movie of the same name.

While the trailer of the movie received massive attention garnering over four million views on YouTube within a short span of time, it does not manage to hold your attention through the movie. Although, to be honest it is a tad better than a number of bad films that release in the name of erotic horror.

Bipasha plays Anjana and Sanjana, conjoined twins who both fall in love with the same man Kabir, played by Karan Singh Grover. One of them dies mysteriously during a surgery to separate them. Years later Sanjana, the surviving sister is being haunted by her twin. Like in the original, the storyline is definitely interesting, but average performances have let down the entire movie.

Although Karan has been a television superstar, it will require a lot more hard work from him if he wants to sustain in mainstream Bollywood. He looks quite good but fails to emote in most parts of the movie. Bipasha and Karan have fantastic chemistry which would probably bring in some of the crowd. The two compliment each other in terms of how they are looking with chiselled bodies and the romance between them makes for a mildly interesting first half.

The moments of horror in the movie are momentary and are more because of the surprise element rather than truly chilling moments. The scenes have been lifted from various English horror films and although they have been executed fairly, they leave you a little disappointed. The movie is mostly predictable even with the twist near the climax. The audience may like the story as it is not the usual girl being dumped in a haunted house or a killing countdown of friends who did not listen to local ghost stories.

Apart from 'Katra Katra' by Ankit Tiwari which features the two leads in the sensual scenes, most of the other songs are well shot but don't leave any lasting impression. The background score helps in keeping the suspense up and can be scary at times. Overall the movie fails to scare you as it is filled with quite a few moments of melodrama in it.

The movie stands apart only because of the presence of Bipasha and a storyline that is unique. Despite some of the usual tricks to spook you, the director fails to create the real moments of fear.

The creaking doors and the ghostly location can only do so much for the film. It will leave you wanting much more in terms of the genre.

This horrex is at best a one time watch. Watch it if you want to see the sizzling chemistry between Bips and Karan. But, if you are a thrill fan, 'Alone' will leave you dissappointed.