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Now, condoms that are bacon flavoured

New York: A Seattle company that also makes bacon lubricant - which “began as an elaborate April Fool’s prank and was never intended to be a real product” - has topped itself by offering a pork-flavoured prophylactic.

J and D’s Foods have launched bacon condoms only appear to “make your meat look like meat.”

The condoms are made of latex, and come coated with the company’s special brand of water-based lube, Huffington Post reported.

Co-founder Justin Esch (the “J” in J and D’s Foods), said that he had the idea for the condoms a long time ago but didn’t have the confidence to try making them until the wild success of baconlube.

Esch said the condoms get their bacon odor and flavor from the lube, and that they have a texture like any other latex condom -- which is to say, not extra crispy.

“There’s no injection mold or anything,” Esch said, adding that a condom with the texture of bacon probably wouldn’t appeal to most people.