Scantily-clad models stir controversy in Beijing

Beijing: Authorities in Beijing have issued a "serious reprimand" for an ongoing car exhibition which has stirred controversy for its scantily-clad models, Xinhua reported.

According to Beijing`s Capital Ethics Development Office, the revealing clothing of some models at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (April 23 to May 2) has had a "negative social impact".

The statement is believed to be referring to several widely forwarded photos of Gan Lulu, a controversial internet celebrity, and Li Yingzhi, a BMW model, wearing a deep neck top and a skimpy diamond-studded dress.

The models wearing revealing dresses have drawn a lot of public attention.

Though a total of 1,125 cars are on display, many web users said they enjoyed a "breast show" rather than a car exhibition after pictures featuring nearly topless models circulated online, Global Times reported Thursday.

Yang Yang, a director of performances at the auto exhibition, explained that car makers had put their requirements for models according to the features of their cars, the report said.

The Beijing`s Capital Ethics Development Office criticised the "vulgar publicity" surrounding the models. The exhibition`s organisers were asked to correct the situation Thursday, ensuring that it does not re-occur.