Ten things women hate about men!

Both men and women ‘love to love’ and ‘love to hate’ each other.

Ten things women hate about men!
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Mumbai: Men and women are not just poles but planets apart! And hence it is said that ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’. Well, the man-woman battle is a never ending one.

And the fact of the matter is that they need each other in spite of huge differences. Both men and women ‘love to love’ and ‘love to hate’ each other.

In this post, we have listed out some of the most annoying things men do to rub women on the wrong side:

Arriving late and making women wait – Most men are always off the schedule. A woman hates when a man is way beyond schedule and makes her wait indefinitely.
When a guy cooks up stories to give excuses – A woman dislikes the art that men have mastered over ages –giving bizarre justifications for turning up late or forgetting their ladylove’s birthday.

Hygiene and cleanliness – Most men don’t care much about hygiene and cleanliness. Women are more conscious when it comes to keeping tidy and hygienic.
Going offline without informing – He may ping her asking her about her plans for the day and then vanish for several hours without reading her response.
Ogling at other women – A man loves to check out other women in public places even if he has his girlfriend along. He would pretend to be looking at her but quietly take a sneak peek at girls walking past her.

Forgetting things – Women hate it when men end up standing like fools after forgetting important things, dates or days. A man can’t be too forgetful else he will end up facing the consequences!!!
Not being attentive – There are times when a man is lost in his own world and would not realise that the lady he claims to be in love with has been expressing herself to him.

Thinking about sex 24 X 7 – There is more to intimacy than sex. A woman hates it when a man talks about making sex most of the times.

Comparing ladylove with ex – No one likes to be compared with someone else. Women hate it when their boyfriends equate them with their ex-girlfriends.
Trying to be over possessive – Boys do not appreciate women when they become too clingy. But they themselves wouldn’t give their girlfriends the much-needed space they deserve.