Want to travel like a celebrity? Here's how

Have you ever wondered how to travel like a star solo?

Want to travel like a celebrity? Here's how
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New Delhi: Have you ever wondered how to travel like a star solo?

Or has this thought crossed your mind more often than usual? Well, probably you need to pamper yourself with a great trip treat and do it in style, like a star!

Nothing beats traveling solo, for it helps in nurturing your soul and rekindling long lost aspirations in life.

Here's a look at how you can travel solo and feel like a star.

1. Take enough selfies and snaps

Whether it is a dessert or a bustling city, a countryside or a beach – selfies are a self booster. Post them instantly to see who's keeping a tab on your social life.

2. Pick up the best from your wardrobe

In order to give a feeling of celebrity, you must make sure that you have the best of your wardrobe in your suitcase. It's not about expensive clothes, but chic ones. You can always deceive by looking stylish!

3. Go for the window seat

If you are traveling in flight, try for a window seat. The view from the top is always beautiful, and wouldn't you want to take a few snaps from the top?

4. Be-friend the locals

Celebrities barely talk to fans, however, if you are in an alien land, and look your best, there is no harm in making a few stranger friends. It's always best to share a cup of coffee with a stranger who doesn't ask about your life too much.

5. Upgrade your luggage and enter airport in style

Make sure you carry a luggage that is chic and small at the same time. It's your personality that should be larger-than-life, not the bag! Also, give that look when you enter the airport like 'em stars do!