Apple Health Benefits: This Red fruit reduces Cholesterol levels- Know why you should eat it everyday

Apples are a great source of flavonoids and other dietary phytochemicals. Additionally, they have high quantities of phytochemicals and polyphenols. Scroll down to know why you should eat apples everyday.

Apple Health Benefits: This Red fruit reduces Cholesterol levels- Know why you should eat it everyday

There is a quote that 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'. Apples are the second most consumed fruit worldwide due to their health benefits. They play a significant role in the overall dietary intake. Apples are a nutritional powerhouse because of their high nutrient density and health benefits. All apples have numerous health advantages, whether they are tart green apples or sweet red kinds like Fuji, Red Delicious, or Gala.

Apple Health Benefits: Here are some of its benefits

1. Apple helps in Reducing Cholestrol

According to a study eating 2 apples can helps in reducing Cholestrol levels. In human studies, consuming up to two to three medium-sized apples resulted in a decrease in total cholesterol levels between 5% and 13%. Apple is rich in pectin, a type of soluble fiber that lowers LDL.

2. Apple helps in Weight Loss

Apples are low in calories and high in fiber, with 116 calories and 5.4 g of fiber per large fruit. They have also been found to support weight loss. According to a study in 2008 female participants were given three apples, three pears,  three oat cookies each day for ten weeks. The weight of the oat group did not change, whereas the apple group shed 2.1 pounds (0.93 kg) and the pear group 1.6 pounds (0.84 kg). 

3. Apples are good for your Heart

Apples are inherently heart-healthy due to their lack of saturated fat, salt, and cholesterol, all of which may be damaging to heart health in high doses. This is in addition to the fact that apples do contain a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to heart health.

4. Apples boost your brain power

Apples are not only good for heart but for brain aswell. Quercetin is an antioxidant plant molecule that keeps your mind sharp by defending your brain cells, and apples are one of the best sources of this compound. Quercetin protects your brain cells from free radical assaults, which can harm the fragile outer covering of your neurons and eventually cause cognitive impairment, according to Cornell University researchers.

5. Apples helps improve bone density

A daily apple helps prevent bone disorders. High bone density, which is essential for bone health, is improved by apples. Additionally, it may support bone strength and density thanks to its inflammatory and antioxidant components.

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