Exclusive: Dermatologist recommends these 5 best treatments to reduce wrinkles!

How to treat wrinkles: Fine lines and superficial wrinkles respond well to superficial and mid-depth peels. 

Exclusive: Dermatologist recommends these 5 best treatments to reduce wrinkles! Pic Courtesy: Pixabay Image used for representational use only

New Delhi: Ageing is a natural process and developing fine lines or wrinkles on the face comes with it like a package deal which you might not actually want. You will be surprised to know that wrinkles can start to bother people from an age as early as their mid-twenties and so we asked our expert Dr Rajat Gupta MD Dermatology, Director & Consultant Skination Clinics told Zee News Digital about the causes and treatments of wrinkles.

Dr Rajat Gupta explains that though wrinkles at an advanced age are a part of the chronological ageing of the skin, there are many causes that result in the early onset of wrinkles. Some of these are sun exposure, smoking, pollution, contraction of facial muscles and early onset of chronological ageing when lifestyle is not healthy.

Check the top 5 treatments for wrinkle reduction:

Laser resurfacing 

Laser is a light energy targeted towards a particular indication. When used for wrinkle reduction laser works by delivering the energy in microchannels and thus boosting the production of collagen. 


This facial rejuvenation procedure works by the use of tiny needles that can penetrate the skin and the desired depth. As the skin heals from the micro injuries induced, collagen boosting happens too. It is available as micro-needling and also as micro-needling radiofrequency (MNRF). MNRF has the added advantage of using radiofrequency which heats up the skin and brings the tightening effect also.

Chemical peeling

Fine lines and superficial wrinkles respond well to superficial and mid-depth peels. Available in various strengths and formulations these work by removing the superficial dead skin and boosting the collagen. The new skin is rejuvenated and improves in colour and texture too.

Botulinum toxin

This is one of the most commonly done antiaging procedures. Botulinum toxin works by relaxing the muscles and thus smoothening out wrinkles. The way ironing clothes takes off the creases from it, botulinum toxin erases the wrinkles. The procedure is gratifying and is one of the best modalities for wrinkle reduction. It takes only a few minutes to perform this procedure and the effect lasts for a good 4-6 months.


On one hand where botulinum toxin works for lines that appear in motion, like the ones when we smile, frown etc. Fillers work on static lines. The filling of these will gives the face a youthful look. Hyaluronic acid the mainstay ingredient of the fillers also hydrates the skin and can lift depending on the area treated and the type of filler used.

Dr Rajat Gupta also explains that it is important to meet your dermatologist for a proper assessment of the face. No one modality is best for everyone, it has to be tailor-made to give the best outcome. If wrinkles on your face are bothering you these modalities can help you to get back the youthful appearance.

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