World Sleep Day 2023: Foods Linked With Sleep Deprivation

There are foods and drinks which one should avoid before sleeping for a better sleep cycle; Here’s what expert has to say. 

World Sleep Day 2023: Foods Linked With Sleep Deprivation

Foods Linked With Sleep Deprivation: Not getting enough sleep and waking up in a bad mood can have a lot of reasons. From having negative thoughts to eating unhealthy can affect our sleep. Sleep and diet are closely related. The foods we eat can impact the quality and duration of our sleep. Eating a healthy and balanced diet can promote better sleep by regulating blood sugar levels, promoting the production of sleep hormones, reducing inflammation, and supporting a healthy weight. While, on the other hand, poor sleep can affect metabolism negatively and increase the risk of overeating and unhealthy food choices. Hence, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are both important. 

Tanisha Bawa, Certified Nutrition Coach, and Founder of TAN|365 explains which foods are linked with sleep deprivation and should be avoided for peaceful and refreshing sleep. 

Foods To Avoid Before Sleeping


This is not exactly a revolutionary fact, but it's important to understand how caffeine might be affecting you. Caffeine delays the onset of adenosine which makes you feel tired throughout the day. It also delays the onset of GABA i.e. a neurotransmitter that leaves you feeling calm and ready for sleep. Ensure that you’re not consuming caffeine late in the evening.

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Sugary Foods

Foods that contain sugar spike your blood sugar and this can negatively affect sleep. It delays the onset of Melatonin, your sleep hormone, causing you difficulty in falling asleep. Additionally, when you consume sugar close to bed you will face a blood sugar crash after the spike which will cause you to get hungry and eat more carbs and sugar. 


Consuming alcohol can interfere with your sleep. It will not let you get deep quality sleep which is essential to recharge and your body to restore itself.

Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbs like pizza, pasta, white flour products like bagels, breads, etc., can cause sleep deprivation as they are devoid of fiber and raise your blood sugar very quickly and this raises your insulin levels to help curb the blood sugar. When insulin is high, it triggers our stress hormone cortisol which helps our body respond to stress and this interferes with our sleep.

Hence, make sure to have meals with complex carbs like quinoa, millets and veggies, and protein to ensure you're satiated and this will help induce your sleep hormone melatonin effectively. 

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