Here's how the phrase 'Hakuna Matata' found its way to 'The Lion King'

'Hakuna Matata' is one of the most popular phrases from 'The Lion King'.

Here's how the phrase 'Hakuna Matata' found its way to 'The Lion King'

New Delhi: The remake of Disney's ' The Lion King' hit the silver screens recently and has received mixed reviews. The iconic film of the 90s has many phrases and dialogues that will be etched in our hearts forever. One of the most popular phrases, which even has a song to its name is ' Hakuna Matata'.

If you are curious to know the meaning of this phrase as well as the story behind it, read on!

While the phrase simply means ' No problems', the real-life inspiration behind it was revealed in a report by

The report reveals that as per a bonus feature on a special edition of the original animated ' Lion King', the creative team of the film heard the phrase from a safari guide in Kenya while they were on a research trip. However, the pronunciation is different than the one in the film.

The difference in pronunciation is the sound of 'T', reportedly. Furthermore, the creative team was intrigued by the phrase as it is catchy and rhythmic.

The song has been remade for the 2019 version of ' The Lion King'.