Brother's property attached, Mayawati accuses BJP of hatching 'conspiracy'

The Income Tax Department attached seven acres of land in Noida belonging to Anand Kumar and his wife Vichiter Lata in a high-value properties case. 

Day after attachment of her brother Anand Kumar`s property in Noida, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati lashed out at the BJP government in Centre on Friday.

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“Before pointing fingers at others, BJP should look at themselves. If they think they are honest, then they should investigate how much wealth they and their family had before joining the party and how much it is now,” said the BSP chief, adding that, “During elections, Rs 2000 crore was deposited in BJP bank account.” 

Speaking on the charges against her brother, Mayawati said, “This is a conspiracy against us. These people toyed with EVMs. This government is misusing central machinery.

“Modi and Amit Shah's government has bought a lot of land in the name of the party all over the country. These all are benami property,” said the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

Alleging conspiracy against Dalits, Mayawati added, “There is no doubt that BJP and RSS are casteist organisations. They do not want to see Dalits progressing. Our party will continue to struggle for our people.”

Speaking on privatisation of Railways, Mayawati alleged that this is BJP government's ploy to deprive the Dalits of jobs and end reservation. 

The Income Tax Department Thursday attached ‘benami’ plot of land belonging to Mayawati’s brother and his family. The attached land is believed to be worth Rs 400 crore.

The provisional order directing attachment of the land was issued on July 16 by Delhi-based Benami Prohibition Unit of the Income Tax department. The seven-acre plot in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida was “beneficially owned” by Mayawati’s brother Anand Kumar and his wife Vichiter Lata.

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