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CBSE Class 12 maths exam 2018: 10 Last-minute tips and 4 reminders

 Revise all important formulae and concepts...

CBSE Class 12 maths exam 2018: 10 Last-minute tips and 4 reminders

Students of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) are all set to attempt the maths paper on Wednesday, March 21. Many students feel the stressed-out and nervous before their arithmetic exam. Don't worry, it is natural to panic. After all the marks scored in this exam and decide your future course of study. So, instead of fretting, try to relax. Speak up about your stress to your relatives, friends and tutors. After all, there's a year

CBSE Class 12 mathematics exam 2018: 4 important tips to de-stress and stay calm


Here are 5 last-minute tips from our experts to help you glide through the exam smoothly:

1. Revise all important formulae and concepts.

2. Solve a sample paper in the allotted time frame.

3. Practice a few questions and theories from your weak zones so that you're updated

4. In cases of doubt, reach out to tutors on time.

5. Re-visit NCERT maths book, for the most question in the examination will be based on this book.

6. Revise your examination strategy on how to solve the paper – which questions/concepts will you solve first and last.

7. Focus on speed and accuracy while answering.

8. After attempting the paper, save some time for last-minute revision and go through all your answers

9. Several long-answer type maths questions are scoring. These problems are generally from algebra, geometry, calculus, probability, relation and function.

10. And finally. Relax. Keep your things in order – such as admit cards, stationery and geometry box.

CBSE Board Exams 2018: 5 last minute checklist items 

Here are five final checklist items you need to have in your bag before leaving for the examination centre:

1. Admit card or Hall pass

2. Stationery (extra pens, pencils, geometry items)

3. Clipboard or Writing Pad

4. A bottle of water