Clear your stand on Ram Mandir: BJP President Amit Shah to Rahul Gandhi

Shah was speaking at a rally in Dehradun.

Clear your stand on Ram Mandir: BJP President Amit Shah to Rahul Gandhi

DEHRADUN: BJP President Amit Shah asked Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to clarify his stand on Ram Mandir and take a side.

“Clear your stand, Rahul baba. Do you want a mandir at that spot or not. I can say with conviction that I want Ram Mandir to be builts at that spot,” said Shah at a rally in Dehradun on Saturday.

Speaking on BJP's direct transfer funds to individual bank account, Shah said, “Media discusses Agustawestland and other scams. But they never took note of the Rs 1 lakh crore that was eaten up by the rats in Congress. Rajiv Gandhi had said that he sent Re 1 from Delhi but by the time it reaches grassroot levels, it turned to 15 paise. What happened to all the funds?” asked Amit Shah. 



Later, taking a shot at the Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party alliance, he added, “There's discussion over alliances in UP. Arch rivals bua (Mayawati)-bhatija (Akhilesh), who'd never look at each other or wish each other, are now standing together on the same stage. That they're now together, says how strong we (BJP) are (Gathbandhan ke liye UP ki bhi charcha hoti hai, kabhi ek dusre ka mooh na dekhne wale, namaste na karne wale, bua-bhatija ek manch par aa gaye. Vo ek ho gaye, vo hi batata hai ki hum kitne taakatvar hai,humare kaaran ek hona padha).”

Praising Finance Minister Piyush Goyal's Interim Budget on Friday, Shah said the biggest budget till date has been announced for defence.