Congress bares fangs as Modi government completes four years in office

NDA is celebrating its fourth anniversary but Congress has called it a 'Betrayal Day' and accused the government of not fulfiling promises.

Congress bares fangs as Modi government completes four years in office
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New Delhi: Despite numerous corruption scandals including the infamous CWG and 2G controversies when the party was in power, Congress plans to now take on PM Narendra Modi's government for damaging the country socially and economically.

The current government completes four years in power on Saturday and while BJP is planning to highlight its achievements, Congress is calling it 'Betrayal Day'. "While the Modi government may not have been able to fulfil its promises, it has clearly been able to inflict a lot of damage on the country, both socially and economically," the party tweeted. Promising to 'expose' NDA's failures, the party said protests would be held across the country. Senior leader Ashok Gehlot also said that Congress and other parties in opposition would unite to defeat a government which, according to him, is fascist and corrupt. "Everyone is full of angst against this NDA government. Be it farmers, youth, Dalits, the common man, all are suffering under this government," he said.
Congress has been trying to mount an attack on the government on numerous fronts including job creation and rising fuel prices. Party president Rahul Gandhi - who previously said he would be the PM if Congress wins the 2019 elections - even called PM Modi corrupt after the elections in Karnataka.

Political analysts largely though question if Congress would be able to sustain its attacks. Having lost power in almost every major state in the country in the last few assembly elections, the party's pan-India presence is under severe threat. Even in Karnataka where it completed a five-year term, Congress emerged a distant second to BJP - managing to form the government only by giving unconditional support to JDS. On top of it all, the party may be suffering from a cash crunch and asked people at large to make financial donations to it 'to save democracy.'

So, as BJP ramps up preparations ahead of Lok Sabha Elections next year and plans numerous programs to underline work done by the government, Congress may well be on a rather sticky wicket.