How will India become COVID-19 free? AIIMS expert has answer

Dr Naveet Wig said, "The country needs to be vaccinated. Until and unless everybody is vaccinated, we can't make the country COVID-free.”

How will India become COVID-19 free? AIIMS expert has answer
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New Delhi: Amid third coronavirus wave concerns, Delhi AIIMS, HOD on Saturday (August 28) highlighted the need for vaccinating everyone for India to become “COVID-19 free”. His remark comes as India marked its highest-ever single-day vaccination by administering over 93 lakh doses on Friday. 

Dr Naveet Wig, HOD, Medical Department, AIIMS praised the effort and said, “It's an important feat and I think more vaccinations will be done in coming times. The country needs to be vaccinated. Until and unless everybody is vaccinated, we can't make the country COVID-free.”

As the second wave of coronavirus is not yet over, Wig cautioned that people cannot lower their guards and must abide by COVID-19 appropriate behavior. “Our aim is to make this country COVID-free. We'll be able to do it by wearing masks and giving vaccines to everybody. Vaccine research has to continue so we can come up with better and smarter solutions. People cannot lower their guards,” he added. 

Regarding the Delhi government’s decision to reopen schools, colleges and universities from September 1, Wig said that school children will have to be treated as unvaccinated individuals. “We have to weigh the pros and cons. We know that children are fed up at home. But we have to look at risks as well. These children are not vaccinated. Once they go to school, we have to treat them as unvaccinated individuals,” he told ANI. 

In addition, Wig said that after schools reopen it should be ensured that the COVID-19 test positivity rate remains below 0.5%. “Children need their neurocognitive effects, their physical and mental health. We have to keep balance and ensure that test positivity rate is less than 0.5%. We have to save our children. Respiratory hygiene, cleanliness, masks should be ensured in schools,” AIIMS Medical department HOD said. 

Meanwhile, the Centre on Saturday, extending the ongoing COVID-19 guidelines till September 30, asked all states and union territories to ensure there are no large gatherings during the festival season. 

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