Karnataka Assembly elections 2018: Denied ticket, BJP leader breaks down in front of cameras - Watch

It seems to be heartbreak season for politicians in all parties in Karnataka.

Karnataka Assembly elections 2018: Denied ticket, BJP leader breaks down in front of cameras - Watch
BJP leader Shashil Namoshi broke down in front of television news cameras in Kalaburagi. (Screengrab: Twitter/@ANI)

KALABURAGI, KARNATAKA: We don't know if it is schadenfreude. But a video clip of a BJP leader breaking down after being denied a ticket by his party for the coming Karnataka Assembly elections 2018 is going viral. The leader, Shashil G Namoshi, seems to have been addressing a press conference when he broke down in front of cameras.

Namoshi is a BJP leader from the city of Kalaburagi, which used to be known as Gulbarga. He has served as a deputy mayor of the city, followed by two stints over 12 years as a Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) in the state.

Namoshi's meltdown came shortly after the BJP released its second list of candidates on Monday. The second list seems to have effectively shut the door on Namoshi's chances in the coming election. There are two constituencies in Gulbarga. The BJP named Dattatreya Patil Revur as its candidate for Gulbarga Dakshin in its first list released on April 9. In its second list, it gave the ticket for Gulbarga Uttar to Chandrakant B Patil.

Namoshi had contested the 2013 Karnataka Assembly election from Gulbarga Dakshin on a ticket from the Janata Dal (Secular) [JDS].

WATCH the clip:



In the clip, Namoshi can be seen saying something in front of the television channel microphones, but quietening down. He seems to be straining to control himself. He then bends and puts his face in his hands. The others in the room do not seem to immediately understand that he is breaking down. Only when he sobs and gasps for breath do they realise and rush to him. Reporters seem to try to console him, but Namoshi gets worse.

After this, a number of people rush to his side, asking for the cameras to be switched off. But the cameras keep rolling.

It's not just Namoshi. Congress workers too seem to have had a few shocks. At a handful of places, upset supporters of some leaders indulged in some petty violence over the denial of tickets to their leaders.

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