India ka DNA conclave: People will back PM Modi in 2019, says Amit Shah

An enlightening first session saw business leaders speak at length on a number of issues on Zee News India ka DNA 2019 conclave on June 20.

By Zee Media Bureau | Last Updated: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 21:29
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Zee News India ka DNA 2019 Conclave on June 20 (Wednesday) saw some of the top minds in Indian politics and business come together to discuss issues which concern the country and its people. From the political developments in Jammu and Kashmir to the state of the economy and the next Lok Sabha elections scheduled in 2019, the leaders put forth their views on a wide range of issues at the conclave being held at Hotel Taj Palace in New Delhi.

While the first session of the conclave had business leaders in the country shed light on issues that include digital India, farming sector and affordable housing, the second session had political leaders giving out their opinion on four years of PM Narendra Modi's government and on their vision for the road that lies ahead.

(Complete schedule of Zee News India Ka DNA 2019 Conclave | Highlights from the first session)

Here are the updates:

20 June 2018, 20:45 PM

The people of India do feel that achhe din (good days - BJP's slogan for 2014 Lok Sabha polls) has come, says Shah. He cites various measures taken by the Modi government.

20 June 2018, 20:43 PM

Sonia Gandhi being active again (in Karnataka), Shah says - That is a worry for the Congress, not the BJP. 

She is a senior leader of the Congress party, we have no problem with her campaigning for her party, he adds.

20 June 2018, 20:41 PM

We believe in running a transparent and decisive government... we have been in power in Gujarat for 22 years... people gave us a chance in 2014 due to our tradition, says Shah.

Acknowledging that the rise of petrol and diesel prices was a concern, he says - The government is taking it seriously.

20 June 2018, 20:38 PM

If a party has to face the elections with someone like PM Modi's face, then contesting the polls becomes easy, says Shah.

20 June 2018, 20:36 PM

We’re not a government of slogans, we’ve shown results and BJP has given India good governance and growth, says Shah.

On Karnataka elections, he says - I do not think that we lost in the state, our seats increased.

20 June 2018, 20:35 PM

I have visited 460 districts of this country, I meet people regularly, every section of the society wants PM Modi to come back to power in 2019, says Shah. 

20 June 2018, 20:33 PM

Talking about BJP initiative 'Sampark for Samarthan', Shah says - By October 2018 end our leaders will go to almost 12 crore people in the country and connect with them.

20 June 2018, 20:30 PM

Shah takes on Rahul Gandhi and lists out the number of state elections that Congress has lost under him.

20 June 2018, 20:29 PM

When PM Modi gets respect outside, its respect for the people of India. When India sends satellites in the space and when India conducts a surgical strike in Pakistan, the people of India feel proud, says Shah.

The Modi government has restored the confidence of Indian people in governance and restored India to its pride of place in the nations of the world, he adds.

20 June 2018, 20:24 PM

Taking a dig at the proposed opposition alliance, Shah says - if the legal age for marriage is 21, can you put 21 one-year-olds together and get them married?

The Modi government has worked for the people of this country, we have touched the lives of crores of people, he adds. The BJP chief also talks about Mudra Yojna, Ujjwala Yojana, electrification of villages, one-rank-one-pension, among other things.

20 June 2018, 20:20 PM

On Rahul Gandhi being the opposition face for the PM in 2019, Shah says - Someone will become PM if a party gets the numbers. 

20 June 2018, 20:18 PM

On opposition unity, Shah says - When it is time for the people to decide, people of India will back PM Modi... We have worked well with our allies and have given a good administration.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party and BSP coming together might make a difference, but let the seat distribution happen and then we’ll see where the allies are at, he adds.

20 June 2018, 20:16 PM

On opposition unity, Shah says - I am proud that today, like it was during Indira Gandhi's time, it is BJP versus all.

20 June 2018, 20:14 PM

BJP's policy towards Kashmir has never changed and will never change. We have not left the issue of Article 370, says Shah.


20 June 2018, 20:13 PM

BJP chief Amit Shah joins the Zee conclave. Talking about the collapse of the PDP-BJP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir, he says - We were in an alliance in J&K on the agenda of development and governance based on a common minimum program, neither BJP nor PDP gave up their ideologies.

20 June 2018, 20:06 PM

The people of this country have always shattered the arrogance of political leaders and parties. They will choose well in 2019, says Surjewala. On being asked by Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary - and Rahul Gandhi will become PM - Surjewala says, 'absolutely'. 

20 June 2018, 19:52 PM

The government's job is to give answers to the people and the opposition's duty is to give an alternative narrative, says Surjewala. On Congress losing many elections under Rahul Gandhi, he says - after 1990, in the last 28 years a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family has not even been a minister, the last to be PM was Rajiv Gandhi... in 2014, Rahul Gandhi had taken the responsibility of the loss... Rahul Gandhi is humble and capable, he does not get flustered by losses.

20 June 2018, 19:33 PM

The people of this country are asking questions to PM Modi... Rahul Gandhi is raising issues on farmer distress, fuel price rise, unemployment, GDP figures, growth rate, among other things, says Surjewala.

20 June 2018, 19:30 PM

As far as Uttar Pradesh is concerned, the Congress' aim is that vote should not be divided in the state, says Babbar.

20 June 2018, 19:25 PM

Our aim is to make India strong, says Surjewala.

On the question regarding who the face of the opposition will be in 2019, Babbar says that they don't want to get into that. However, he adds that the Congress should be the fulcrum of opposition unity. 

But, Surjewala says that being the largest opposition party, Rahul Gandhi is the PM face from the Congress' side.

20 June 2018, 19:19 PM

The fight of opposition with PM Modi is not personal, the fight is against his intentions and ideology, says Surjewala. The country will only progress when everyone in the country walks together, says Surjewala.   

20 June 2018, 19:16 PM

Babbar says that Congress gave a tough fight to BJP in Gujarat. Voices are being raised against PM Modi's politics... political parties are now thinking of uniting due to Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, he has sacrificed personal and party's interest for the sake of the nation... the BJP is now scared of losing in 2019, he adds.

20 June 2018, 19:12 PM

Congress leaders, Raj Babbar (Rajya Sabha MP) and Randeep Singh Surjewala, party in-charge, communications, joins Zee conclave.

20 June 2018, 19:02 PM

The opposition is scared of PM Narendra Modi's positive politics, that is why these political parties are coming together, says Tiwari.

20 June 2018, 18:57 PM

Tiwari takes a dig at Delhi CM, he says, Arvind Kejriwal is a bigger actor than me. He does dharna in an air conditioner, he adds.

20 June 2018, 18:53 PM

Tiwari slams Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi, takes on Aam Aadmi Party on the issues of water, electricity and health, among others.   

20 June 2018, 18:49 PM

Manoj Tiwari, MP, Delhi (North-East) and Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party president speaking at Zee conclave now.

20 June 2018, 17:42 PM

In 2014 we had gone to the people with Modi ji's leadership and his personality and in 2019 General Elections, we will go to the people with the good work that the government has done... every election is a challenge, we don't take any polls lightly... the next Lok Sabha polls is very challenging for us... we will try to retain our seats that we won in 2014 and maybe try to win a few more... in those areas that we did not do well, we will try to win there... we want that there should be a strong opposition in the country, who will lead them will be their decision, we wish them well, says Madhav.

The BJP's target will be to cross 300 in 2019 Lok Sabha polls, he adds.

20 June 2018, 17:35 PM

On former president Pranab Mukherjee going to RSS headquarters Nagpur to address their cadre, the BJP leader says - It was gracious of both of them to invite and attend, I see no politics in it.

20 June 2018, 17:30 PM

We have no doubt that the BJP will come back to power in 2019... there is no alternative to PM Modi... people will vote for a stable government, compared to an unholy alliance and an unstable government... there is no comparison to PM Modi's leadership, says Madhav.

20 June 2018, 17:27 PM

On Article 370, Madhav says - It is a serious issue, we have to debate seriously in Parliament... we have not given it up... BJP wanted abrogation, the PDP didn't want... we have not compromised on the issue, says Madhav.

20 June 2018, 17:24 PM

There are two and a half years left of the J&K Assembly... it's in suspended animation... we have left the government in the state, we have not left J&K... we will neutralise all terrorists... development is our main agenda in the state... not sure when fresh elections will be held in the state... let us see how things unfold in the coming future, says Madhav.

20 June 2018, 17:19 PM

In the past few months, the BJP felt that the PDP was going towards posturing... it may be political compulsion for them... alliances by nature are difficult to manage, says Madhav, party-in-charge of J&K. 

20 June 2018, 17:17 PM

On BJP-PDP alliance Madhav says - It is not the first time that parties with two ideologies have come together... Atal Bihari Vajpayee run a coalition government with many parties... at that time we had to keep some issues on the backburner... in J&K we respected the mandate of the people and formed the government in the interest of the state... we got 25 seats, they got 28... political untouchability is not a good thing, says Madhav. 

20 June 2018, 17:14 PM

Majority of the people of Jammu and Kashmir are like you and me, they have no problem with the Central government... however, there are some sections who are a challenge for us, says Madhav.

20 June 2018, 17:12 PM

Mehbooba Mufti did suggest to us regarding ceasefire during the period of Ramzan... we thought about it and did it as a goodwill gesture... but terrorists came into towns and started killing people, they even killed a top journalist Shujaat Bukhari... we then decided to halt the ceasefire, says Madhav.

20 June 2018, 17:09 PM

We took the decision to break alliance with PDP in Kashmir keeping national interest in mind, says Madhav.

20 June 2018, 17:07 PM

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav joins the Zee conclave.

20 June 2018, 17:03 PM

Rathore talks about Ujjwala Yojana, the initiative to build toilets and Clean India Mission and says that it helped women the most.

20 June 2018, 17:01 PM

On so-called opposition unity, the Sports Minister says - Parties who could not stand each other are now standing with each other to oppose us.  

20 June 2018, 16:52 PM

As we move towards 2019 polls, we know the attack on us will increase... we will give an assessment of our work with facts and figures... we have taken on new challenges like providing electrification to all... the opposition will do everything to undermine us... the dialogue of the opposition is general, they never keep it specific, says Rathore.

20 June 2018, 16:48 PM

Delivery and the ability to govern is very high in PM Modi's team... our government gives a presentation of our report card to the media... as an MP too, we give a report card to our constituency... we may have shortcomings, but our intention is right, says sports minister. 

20 June 2018, 16:46 PM

Many people say that working in some places is tough, but they should work in PM Modi's team, Rathore says on a lighter note. We have to be constantly on our feet, says the minister.  

20 June 2018, 16:43 PM

The atmosphere before 2014 was frustrating for the common man in terms of leadership... young and good people need to come forward and work for the country, says Rathore.

20 June 2018, 16:39 PM

We have been in attacking mode since 2014 and will be in the same mode till 2019... we have not worked keeping vote bank in mind... we will do everything for the country... we want direct communication with people... our ministers have always connected with the people and kept in touch with them, says Rathore.

20 June 2018, 16:36 PM

Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore joins takes centre stage at the conclave. 

20 June 2018, 16:29 PM

People who we consider uneducated are the most intelligent... they understand who will work for them and who are opportunistic... common people want development and our agenda is only development... says Javadekar.

Congress is nowhere to be seen, he quips.  

20 June 2018, 16:24 PM

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi campaigning is beneficial for the BJP, says HRD Minister.

20 June 2018, 16:20 PM

In 2019, we will the BJP alone will get more than 300 seats, claims Javadekar.

20 June 2018, 16:18 PM

People have now started voting for development... they are now voting on the lines of caste and religion... this has been possible due to PM Modi, says Javadekar.