Citizenship protests: Thousands take part in Congress's peace rally in Jaipur; curfew relaxed in MP's Jabalpur

This is all for today. Here are the highlights on anti-Citizenship protests that took place on December 22. Do come back for more updates on Monday, December 23rd.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) campaign for the upcoming Assembly polls in Delhi on Sunday (December 22) by addressing a mega rally at iconic Ramlila Maidan in the national capital.

Massive security arrangements was made in place for the mega rally of the prime minister. It is to be noted that the Ramlila Maidan is close to Old Delhi's Daryaganj which witnessed violent protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on Friday (December 20). According to BJP sources, around two lakh people from different parts of the country were present at the rally venue.

In Madhya Pradesh's Jabalpur, curfew was relaxed for 7 hours from 1 pm. In Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar district, at least 48 were arrested and almost 262 were booked over violence in during anti-CAA protests. Mobile services in Rajasthan were restored at 8 pm on Sunday.

In Bengaluru, students, human rights activists and other protesters gather at Town Hall and protested against the Act. Students, doctors and artists and scores of people gathered at Central Park in Delhi's Connaught Place and took part in a protest against the amended citizenship law and proposed NRC.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi visited Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor and met the kin of two victims who lost their lives in violent protests against CAA.

This is all for today. Here are the highlights on anti-Citizenship protests that took place on December 22. Do come back for more updates on Monday, December 23rd.

22 December 2019
19:57 PM

At least 15 people, accused of taking part in violent protests and pelting stones on police officers sent to central jail in Ahmedabad. 

19:57 PM

Uttar Pradesh Police: Total 76 cases registered and 108 people arrested across Uttar Pradesh in connection with objectionable / misleading posts on social media on Citizenship Amendment Act. Action taken against 15,344 social media posts.

19:57 PM

UP Police: 164 cases registered, 879 persons arrested and 5,312 people taken into preventive detention in connection with incidents of violence across the state, during protests against CAA. 288 police personnel also received injuries, including 61, who were injured by firearms.

19:31 PM

Congress peace rally organised in Rajasthan's Jaipur against Citizenship Amendment Act. The 3-kilometer long rally was taken out from Albert Hall to Gandhi Circle. 

19:26 PM

Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission postpones its examination for Junior Assistants and Computer Operators scheduled for December 24 and December 26. The new dates are January 4th and January 2020, respectively.

19:25 PM

UP government blames outsiders for violence during protests against amended Citizenship Act, says six people from West Bengal associated with Islamic outfits PFI and SIMI have been arrested.

19:24 PM

Congress General Secretary for Uttar Pradesh (east) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra meets kin of victims, who lost their lives during violent protests in Bijnor. 

19:22 PM

Internet suspended across 21 districts of Uttar Pradesh. In Kanpur, Agra, the internet will remain suspended till December 23.

19:21 PM

Amidst reports of fresh tension in Tinsukia district of Assam, curfew will be imposed from 8:00 pm on December 22 to 5:00 am till December 23.

19:19 PM

'Vishal Samvidhan Bachao' rally organised in Gujarat's Jamnagar against Citizenship Act. Thousands of people participated in the protest. Tight police arrangements was made in Darbargarh area of Jamnagar.

19:09 PM

Anti-Citizenship protests: Curfew relaxed for 7 hours from 1 pm in parts of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

19:09 PM

Election Commission develops integrated counting application for displaying Jharkhand assembly election results.

15:14 PM

Congress and its supporters are also disturbed by the fact that why PM Modi is respected in the world and especially, in Muslim countries: PM Modi

15:12 PM

Mamata didi went from Kolkata to United Nations. Few years back, she was pleading before Parliament that infiltrators coming from Bangladesh should be stopped. Didi what has happened you? Why did you change? Why are you spreading rumours? Elections come & go. Why are you scared? Modi says at Ramlila Maidan

15:11 PM

There is a very simple difference, an infiltrator never reveals his identity and a refugee never hides his identity. Many of these infiltrators are coming out and speaking. Why don't they speak the truth? They are scared that their reality will come out: PM Modi

15:07 PM

I am very confident that those who are standing with the tricolour in their hands will also raise voice against Pakistan sponsored terrorism. They will inspire people to do that: PM Modi

15:06 PM

They turned overnight. All the love and sensibility blew out of thin air. The votes were in danger and thus, these political leaders had to change their tune: PM Narendra Modi

15:05 PM

They turned overnight. All the love and sensibility blew out of thin air. The votes were in danger and thus, these political leaders had to change their tune: PM Modi

15:05 PM

The former and incumbent CM of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, too had supported citizenship for these refugees. He had even asked the Central Govt for providing better facilities to the Hindus and Sikhs that have come from Pakistan: PM Modi 

15:04 PM

Assam's former CM and senior Congress leader Tarun Gogoi had written letters to the PM to provide help for religiously persecuted minorities from Bangladesh: PM Modi at Ramlila Maidan

15:04 PM

Former PM Manmohan Singh said in the Parliament that we should provide citizenship to the refugees coming from Bangladesh who have been religiously persecuted: PM Modi

15:04 PM

Mahatma Gandhi had said that the Sikhs and Hindus living in Pakistan will always be welcome in India. This Act is in line with promise the Govt of India made in 1947. Now that we're fulfilling the decades-old promise, why are they protesting against it?: PM at Ramlila Maidan

15:03 PM

Who understands the pain of refugees better than people of Delhi? Citizenship Act is not taking away anyone's citizenship. It, in fact, provides citizenship to the religiously persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh: PM Modi

15:03 PM

Infiltrators never come in light. They never ask for help from the police, never give interviews and just hide. They live via corrupt means through agents. Refugees never hide their identities and infiltrators never reveal themselves: PM Modi

15:02 PM

Modi and Amit Shah have destroyed your future. They can’t face your anger over the lack of jobs & damage they’ve done to the economy. That’s why they are dividing our beloved & hiding behind hate. We can only defeat them by responding with love towards every Indian: Amit Shah

15:02 PM

Some dalit leaders, too, have entered the muddle without even understanding. They need to understand that the refugees who have come from Pakistan are mostly dalits. These dalit people were employed as bonded labor in Pakistan: PM Modi

15:02 PM

The Act will only apply to the people who've been living in India for several years now. No new refugee will benefit from the Citizenship Amendment Act: PM Modi

15:01 PM

It is shocking to see the kind of lies that are being spread. Some people are even saying that the CAB is against the poor people of the country: PM Modi 

15:01 PM

The Muslims of India don't need to worry at all. The CAB and the NRC will not apply to the Muslims of the country. It's a white lie: PM Modi 

15:01 PM

I request the youth of the country to read the Act in detail and not to fall prey to the rumors of detention-centers being spread by Urban Naxals and Congress. It's a lie and is dividing the nation: PM Modi

14:55 PM

The 130 crore Indians have no connection to the Citizenship Bill. A lot of lies are being spread about NRC as well. It was made during the Congress regime. Where were the protesters then? We did not make it, nor did we bring it to the Parliament or announce it: PM Modi

14:54 PM

33,000 police personnel sacrificed their lives for peace&security in country, since independence. Today, you are brutally thrashing them. When any problem arises, police don't ask your religion or caste, whatever the weather or time they are there to help you: PM Narendra Modi

14:52 PM

Congress and its friends, some urban Naxals are spreading rumours that all Muslims will be sent to detention centres...Respect your education, read what is the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC. You are educated: PM Modi at Ramlila Maidan


14:51 PM

NRC came at the time of Congress. Were they sleeping then? We neither brought NRC in cabinet nor in Parliament. If we're passing a legislation to give you ownership rights, in the same session will we bring a legislation to send you out? Modi at Ramlila Maidan

14:39 PM

There is no detention centre in India for Muslims: PM Modi in Delhi's Ramlila Maidan 

14:38 PM

CAA and NRC has nothing to do with Indians Muslims. India has no detention centre.

14:32 PM

CAA is not for any citizen of this country. There has been misinformation about NRC. Congress and urban naxals are spreading rumour. They are lying that Muslims will be sent to detention centres: PM Modi

14:30 PM

Referring to anti-CAA protests which have erupted across the country, PM Modi said that the rumour mongers need to be identified and punished.

14:26 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said attack on police is not justified because police is always there to help the common people.

14:22 PM

Launching a scathing attack on the violent protests against the CAA, PM Modi said, "hate me but don't hate India. Burn my effigies but don't burn a poor man's auto-rickshaw".

14:20 PM

Public properties were set on fire due to fear-mongering, says PM Modi

14:16 PM

BJP governmenrt never put the restriction of paperwork when it provided welfare schemes to the poor, says PM Modi in Ramlila Maidan

14:13 PM

Amid anti-CAA stir, PM Modi says BJP dedicated to 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas'

14:11 PM

Some political parties are spreading rumours, they're misleading people & inciting them. I want to ask them, when we authroised the unauthrosied colonies, did we ask anyone their religion? Did we ask which political party they support? Did we ask for documents from 1970,1980?: PM Modi



14:10 PM

Fake news and misinformation regarding the CAA is being spread to insitgate people.

14:06 PM

In the last session of parliament we passed the Citizenship Amendment Bil. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have passed the bill, the people should respect the parliament, they should respect the mandate of the people: PM Modi

14:02 PM

Had the Delhi govt not politicised the phase 4 project of Delhi metro, its work would have started much earlier. That is why I say that those who do politics in your name, never understood your pain, they never intended to do that: PM Narendra Modi


13:57 PM

PM Narendra Modi on unauthorised colonies: You should know what those people, whom you were asking for something for yourself, were doing. They had illegally given 2000 lavish bungalows to their people. No one knows what was given to whom in lieu of that.


13:57 PM

Unity in diversity is hallmark of India, says PM Modi

13:54 PM

Over 1700 colonies have been demarcated and maps for 1200 colonies are ready: PM Modi

13:51 PM

Even after several decades after Independence, a large section of population in Delhi had to face fear, uncertainty, deceit & false electoral promises. Illegal, sealing, bulldozer & a cut-off date - life of a large population in Delhi' was confined around these words: PM Modi

13:47 PM

We provided land ownership titles to 40 lakh people: PM Modi at Ramlila Maidan

13:45 PM

I can see the enthusiasm of the people of Delhi. My government has brought happiness in the lives of 40 lakh people of Delhi: PM Modi

13:44 PM

Prime Minister begins speech with chant of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'.

13:43 PM

PM Modi begins his address at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan.

13:38 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi being felicitated at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan.


13:30 PM

Loud cheers echo through Delhi's Ramlila Maidan as Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives on stage to address the rally.

13:28 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Ramlila Maidan. He will address a rally here, shortly.

13:16 PM

There is an atmosphere of festival in Delhi. Around 40 lakh people have expressed their gratitude to PM Modi for regularization of their illegal colonies: Manoj Tiwari at Ramlila Maidan

12:39 PM

PM Modi to arrive at Ramlila Maidan shortly.

12:39 PM

Delhi Police has divided the whole rally venue into 11 regions and snipers and policemen have been deployed on the rooftops near the Ramlila Maidan to prevent any untoward incident during PM Modi rally.

12:38 PM

20 additional DCPs have been deployed to take care of the security during PM Modi's rally. National Security Guards (NSG) deployed around the rally venue to maintain the security.

12:38 PM

 In a first, face-recognition technology will be used for everyone who will attend the rally of PM Modi at Ramlila Maidan.

12:37 PM

Heavy security arrangement has been made for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally at Delhi's iconic Ramlila Maidan on Sunday (December 22).

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