In a first, no deaths or major accident in this year's Kedarnath Yatra

Zee News' Harendra Negi reports that the local administration has claimed not a single person on the risky pilgrimage was even injured -  a testament to the facilities extended this year.

In a first, no deaths or major accident in this year's Kedarnath Yatra
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New Delhi: Organisers of the Kedarnath Yatra are celebrating a record of sorts as this year saw not a single death or any major accidents during the pilgrimage.

The local administration in charge of the yatra in Uttarakhand, including the police, reported that not a single major accident took place in what is otherwise a risky pilgrimage - especially during the monsoon months. This year, all through the seven months of the pilgrimage, authorities reportedly remained extremely vigilant and took preventive measures to ensure no untoward incident could develop into a tragedy of any kind. It is reported that while there were incidents of pilgrims being made to halt whenever conditions worsened, not a single person even received injuries of any kind.

This is a major achievement for the administration which has had to fend off allegations in previous years of being a tad callous.

The Kedarnath Yatra is considered as one of the most dangerous pilgrimage but scores of people from across the country participate in it each year to seek blessings from Lord Shiva. This year too, close to 7.30 lakh pilgrims made the journey and the local administration has claimed that not a single complaint was received from anyone. Locals along the route too have reportedly hailed the facilities provided to pilgrims this year and hope that the safety would continue to remain the top priority in the years to come.