No game this: Pakistan senator trolled for tagging UNO games in tweet on Kashmir

Senator Rehman Malik may have tried to tag the United Nations. Instead, his eventual tweet made Twitter have a field day.

No game this: Pakistan senator trolled for tagging UNO games in tweet on Kashmir

UN stands for United Nations. It is never to be misunderstood with UNO which is a card game. If only Senator Rehman Malik knew the difference.

The Pakistani politician was massively trolled online when he fired a tweet on Kashmir and tagged Narendra Modi in it. He also wanted to tag the United Nations in the same tweet, or so it would seem, only to end up tagging @realUNOgame instead.

By tagging the clearly wrong handle, Malik made himself the toast of jokes with people questioning whether he is capable of being a politician, let alone of commenting on Kashmir.

Many Pakistanis too took a jab at him for his faux pas which had not been corrected till the time of this report - that's close to 24 hours. Malik, the former interior minister in his country, had also been booed by his own countrymen back in 2014 after he had reached two hours late for a Pakistan International Airlines flight. Fellow passengers had barred him from boarding. (Full report here)

Malik though is hardly the first important political figure who has embarrassed himself openly. Even Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was massively trolled when he had said at an event that Germany and Japan have a common border. With such comments being made - exposing massive levels of ignorance, it is little wonder that Pakistan is hardly considered seriously by the world community and its false tears over the Kashmir issue have moved no one.