No question of a deal with Pakistan as India demands immediate return of IAF pilot

Sources say that Pakistan is trying to create a 'Kandahar-type pressure' but India is absolutely firm on its position.

New Delhi: India has made it clear that there is no question of striking any deal over an IAF pilot in Pakistan's custody and instead, has told the neighbouring nation that he be returned immediately.

News agency ANI, quoting sources, reported that India has outrightly rejected any possibility of a deal with Pakistan to bring the pilot back home and has accused Islamabad of trying to create a 'Kandahar-type pressure.' India, however, is absolutely against the idea of a deal or any talks regarding the pilot and has demanded his immediate return.

Sources also said that India wants Pakistan to know that they should not use the pilot has a card to negotiate with.

A day earlier, on Wednesday, India had slammed Pakistan for the vulgar display of the injured pilot and had said that it violates the Geneva Convention.

Tensions between the two countries are extremely high since the terror attack on a CRPF convoy on February 14 which killed 40 troopers. The attack was claimed by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed. India hit back with its air force crossing the LoC and hitting several terror camps in the wee hours of Tuesday in what was a pre-emptive strike against non-military installations.

Pakistan, instead of concentrating on addressing the problem of home-grown terrorism, has been harping that India is guilty of war-mongering. Even still, its air force crossed into Indian air space on Wednesday in an unsuccessful bid to target Indian military installations. In the dogfight that ensued, one F-16 jet of PAF was shot down while India lost a MiG-21 Bison jet. Its pilot was taken into custody by Pakistan forces.

Meanwhile, foreign minister of Pakistan - Shah Mahmood Qureshi - has said that his country is willing to release the pilot if it ensures tensions with India ease off.

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