Pakistan's covert support to terror, human rights violation in PoK continue: MEP Neena Gill

MEP Neena Gill has rapped Pakistan for its covert support to terror, human rights violation in PoK.

Pakistan's covert support to terror, human rights violation in PoK continue: MEP Neena Gill

PARIS: Member of the European Parliament Neena Gill has slammed Pakistan for not able to protect minorities in the country, human rights violation in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and lack of action on terrorism.

Speaking during a discussion on Kashmir, Gill said, "To those members who have spoken today of their indignation towards India, I am astonished by your partiality, oversight and lack of any real empathy with the Kashmiris. Why do I say partial?"

Asking, "When Pakistan took the same measures in Gilgit and Baltistan, we didn’t speak up. When they gave away territory, which wasn't theirs, to China, we didn't speak up. Or when Sikh and other minority women are abducted and forced to convert, we don't speak up. The fact is, there are human rights violations in PoK and very many honourable colleagues look the other way."

Weeks ago a Sikh girl in Pakistan's Punjab province Jagjit Kaur was abducted and converted to Islam causing an international outcry.

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Rapping Islamabad for its support to terror, Neena said, "The solution to Kashmir will come when state-sponsored terrorism and global misinformation by Pakistan ends, then the dialogue will follow."

Gil added, "Pakistan may talk the talk but it does not walk the walk when it comes to human rights. And if beggars believe that it has GSP+. And I say to those colleagues concerned about rescinding of Article 370, you focus on one part and ignore the other issues that are dear to the hearts of many of us. Not only will it improve the rights of LGBT, women, minorities, it will also improve environmental protections amongst others and ban the outrageous triple talaq divorce."

Pakistan has been trying to rake up Kashmir globally but hasn't found any traction. Last month at the United Nations Security Council it tried to rake up issue via China but other members of the UNSC did not support for an emergency session on Kashmir.