Viral Video: Pet Dog goes Paragliding with owner, netizens react- WATCH

Pet Dog goes Paragliding with the owner leaves the netizens fuming as the dog looked scared and terrified, a user commented "Blooming dog looks afraid."

Viral Video: Pet Dog goes Paragliding with owner, netizens react- WATCH

Viral Video: Many social media users are outraged after seeing a video of a dog paragliding with its owner. The now-viral Instagram video demonstrates the four-legged furry ball being properly tethered for flight together with its owner. The man used a GoPro to capture the entire journey. The pair paragliding was included in a few wide Instagram Reels photos as well. They successfully touched down on the ground at the end of the video. However, when they discovered the dog's eye during their adventure, eagle-eyed social media users were not amused.

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The video has been re-shared by LadBible on Instagram with the caption, “The doggo is so zen about it.” The video has crossed over 1.4 million views since it was shared.


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When internet users saw that the dog appeared to be terrified, they became upset. He seems afraid, and the poor animal needs eyewear, one person commented. The wind must be hurting his eyes. Your eyes are under protection, but not those of your dogs. Another user commented, "Those are called "whale eyes," and I constantly observe them in nervous dogs at the vet's office." Another said, "Blooming dog looks afraid."

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