Pakistan Army preparing teams to infiltrate terrorists through Jammu region: Sources

Pakistan Army commandos have formed teams with terrorists as a cover to get them across the LoC.

Pakistan Army preparing teams to infiltrate terrorists through Jammu region: Sources
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(Reporting by Krishana Mishra)

NEW DELHI: Indian security forces in the Jammu region may be looking at days of increased infiltration activity. Sources have told Zee Media that Pakistani Army commandos are laying the ground to infiltrate Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) terrorists across the Line of Control (PoK).

Sources said the Pakistan Army's Special Services Group (SSG) had formed Border Action Teams (BATs)at a number of Pakistani posts in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir across from the Rajouri and Poonch regions.

BATs are usually joint teams of SSG commandos and Pakistan-trained terrorists, which help infiltrate the terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir. It was one such BAT that was blamed for the barbaric beheading of the bodies of Indian soldiers in 2017, and the one that happened last week.

Sources told Zee Media that the BATs are concentrated around the Krishna Ghati sector of the Poonch region. They have also been reported from the Polas post and the Bakri complex, the sources said.

SSG commandos have also been stationed at the Bagicha post in the Bhimbher Gali sector, where they are said to have carried out reconnaissance (recce).

The LeT has increased its efforts to infiltrate across the LoC from the Jammu region, sources said, presumably because of the heavy exchange of fire between Indian security forces and Pakistani regulars and irregulars in the Kashmir part of the LoC.

The sources also told Zee media that LeT or JeM could be expected to target a military camp in Srinagar for a suicide attack.