Happy Holi: 4 Tips For Removing Stubborn Colors Without Harming Your Skin

Can't get that holi colour off from your face? Worry not, we got you covered! Here are some easy to follow ways to remove stubborn holi colours off your skin without damage.

Happy Holi: 4 Tips For Removing Stubborn Colors Without Harming Your Skin Tips to Remove Holi Colours from Skin (Pic: ANI)

After hours of playing with colours- organic or synthetic more often than not people have a hard time getting colour off their skin and hair. Holi colours can stay upto days and sometimes weeks to and going all pink and blue to work seems off putting to all. So, even after multiple showers and homemade remedies if you are not able to remove the holi colours from your skin then its better to resort to expert tips and tricks for easier and more effective relief.

Tips to Remove Holi Colours from Skin

Playing with bright colors enhances the festive atmosphere, but since synthetic colors contain chemicals, Holi can leave stubborn stains on your skin. It's important to know how to remove these colors gently without harming your skin. Here are tips for safely removing Holi colors shared by Deepali Bansal, CEO and Founder, Suroskie without compromising your skin's health:

1. Apply Oil for Stubborn Stains

Organic oils like almond, coconut, or olive oil can effectively dissolve color pigments without harming your skin. Simply apply the oil to the stained areas and gently massage it into your skin. Let it sit for a few minutes to allow the colors to soften, then remove with a soft towel or cotton pad.

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2. Choose Mild Cleansers

Selecting a mild cleanser that is gentle on your skin yet effective at removing Holi colors is crucial. Avoid harsh soaps and strong chemical-based cleansers, as they can aggravate skin irritation.

3. Make Face Packs with Natural Ingredients

Create a gentle face pack using natural ingredients to remove Holi colors without damaging your skin:

Mix oats with rose water to make a paste. Apply it in circular motions, then rinse. Rose water revitalizes and moisturizes your skin, while oatmeal provides gentle exfoliation.
Combine gram flour with milk to form a paste. Apply it lightly to colored areas, then rinse with lukewarm water. Milk has soothing properties, while gram flour exfoliates your skin.

4. Moisturize Well

Choose a mild moisturizer enriched with soothing ingredients. Look for products specifically designed to remove color without compromising your skin's moisture barrier. After rinsing off the colors, apply the moisturizer generously and massage it into your skin until absorbed. Avoid products with harsh chemicals and strong fragrances to prevent irritation.

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