Bengali film 'inspired' by Mamata Banerjee set to release on May 3

The film's producer and director claim that the film is not a biopic but has been inspired by the struggles of Mamata Banerjee before she became CM.

Bengali film 'inspired' by Mamata Banerjee set to release on May 3
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Kolkata: After a biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi was stalled by the Election Commission, a Bengali film - 'Baghini - Bengal Tigress',  inspired by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, is slated for a May 3 release.

The producer and director claim that the film is inspired by the Chief Minister and is not a biopic. "We want to tell everyone that it is not a biopic. It is a film inspired by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Hence the name of our character is Indira Banerjee. This film goes back into the history and depicts her struggle before she became the Chief Minister," said scriptwriter and producer Pinky Pal. 

Pal adds that she was inspired by the Trinamool Congress and this is what led her to write and produce a film based on Banerjee's struggle.

"We have seen some really inspiring politicians like Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee. Their contribution to Indian politics has been immense. But we rarely make a film based on their lives." 

Putting all rumors to rest, the producer said neither the film was financed by the Trinamool Congress nor was it linked to any of the party leaders. She also claimed that the release date, which falls in the election period, has no ulterior motives. 

"We began shooting for the film back in 2016. But some edits and graphics had to be redone which took time, hence the release was delayed and finally we are releasing it on May 3," added Pal.

Director Nehal Dutta, however, called the film a tribute to the struggles of Mamata. "It is a film inspired by Mamata Banerjee. We observed her and we tried to depict her struggle before she became the Chief Minister. How she fought a tough battle and all odds, eventually she came to power. This is a tribute to her struggle," said Dutta. 

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