Jaya Prada symbolises women power that will destroy Azam Khan: Amar Singh

Amar Singh compares Azam Khan to Mahishasura and says Jaya Prada will bring an end to the evil.

Jaya Prada symbolises women power that will destroy Azam Khan: Amar Singh

Comparing Azam Khan to Mahishasura, the buffalo demon in Hindu mythology, Amar Singh recently said that Jaya Prada of the Bharatiya Janata Party will bring an end to his 'nefarious ways.'

While Jaya Prada is contesting Lok Sabha election 2019 from Rampur constituency on a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ticket, Azam Khan of Samajwadi Party (SP) is her direct rival here. Both were former colleagues in SP and have had a long-standing rivalry which has seen controversial twists and turns aplenty. Expressing his confidence that the actor-turned-politician will defeat Azam Khan in the upcoming election, Amar Singh said that it is only Jaya Prada that can solve Rampur's problems. "Jaya Prada is a weapon that symbolises women power and a weapon that will destroy the dirt from Rampur. The way women power destroys Mahishasura, Jaya Prada will destroy the political face of Mahishasura here," he said.

Amar Singh's comment comes in the backdrop of a bitter battle between Jaya Prada and Azam Khan which has once again taken an extremely controversial turn. Azam Khan had recently said that he had long suspected Jaya Prada's links to RSS and that her joining BJP was proof of it. He, however, had reportedly expressed his views in a crass manner which was extremely demeaning and for which, he was served a notice by the National Commission for Women. The SP leader was also slammed by politicians cutting across party lines and was subsequently banned from campaigning for 72 hours. Even Jaya Prada had expressed her disgust while asking voters in Rampur to shun Azam Khan. Meanwhile, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav had tried to mount a defence.

The battle between the two leaders is one of the most intense this election season. Voters in Rampur seat will get to decide their fate on April 23.

(Reporting by Amir/Zee News)

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